• Hi all! I'm a new member, and brand new (less than a month) to basenji parenting! I'm here for all kinds of advice and knowledge, since shortly before adopting our boy I hadn't even known the breed existed! Simba is 11 months old, and he's very playful and energetic! He gets along wonderfully with our two sons (5 and 7 years old), and it's been an adventure getting accustomed to him, and him to us! I look forward to getting to know you all!![alt text](0_1483914492884_IMG_2133.JPG image url)

  • He is so handsome!

    Good luck!!!

  • He looks like a real charmer! Welcome to the forum. You should find lots of people to answer any questions you may have. Basenji ownership can be challenging, but so worth it!

  • Welcome, who is his breeder? Do you know?

  • @tanza I don't actually. My husband is Air Force stationed in Germany, and we bought him from someone unable (or unwilling, I'm still not sure) to care for him like he deserves. They bought him from a breeder around an hour away, but I don't have their information.

  • Hopefully you can find out who his breeder is. Most breeders really do want to know what has happened to their puppies. Also, it can give you information you need, such as if your dog is clear from Fanconi (if you can't find them, please get the test done!), health issues in the line, etc.

    He really is a cutie!

  • @MrsAppel If you can't locate the breeder or any other information from the former owner (like pedigree, health testing) I strongly suggest that you do Fanconi testing. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself. Cost is 65.00 and well worth the cost to find out if your boy DNA clear, carrier, affected for Fanconi. You can order the test at http://www.ofa.org/dnatesting/fanconi.html

  • Hi! I've never had a Basenji "puppy" so I'm not saying this with any certainty but, I've "heard" that with kids your age...that they too, need to be trained for a Basenji puppy! I've had 2 Basenjis that were older when I got them & I have no kids but perhaps some of the other folks in here can tell you if I've heard correctly or not & if so, what you might need to teach the kids to do or not to do with a Basenji puppy! If anyone knows if I "heard" correctly .... maybe you could give the lady a few "do's & don'ts" !!

  • Congrats on the new kid! I have a basenji friend in Germany who's husband is stationed there as well. 🙂

  • @Nancy-Berry I think that goes for any breed of dog or any animal.... Children need to be taught the proper way to interact with animals

  • @Nancy-Berry The saying is a very true one... when people ask how your dogs are with children, say "It depends.. how are your children with dogs?"

    Toddler Leora got her little legs smacked more over the dogs than anything. Not training your child to respect dogs, to understand that a hurt dog can and probably will respond, ... well it puts your child and dogs in danger.

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