I would like to introduce myself and my little girl. My son brought her home from a Mission trip in Appalachia. He adopted her from a litter of unknown puppies. We only know she is part Basenji because our vet said it was obvious from her appearance. She is a sweetie and I would love for her to meet more Basenjis. I have recently heard about a Fun day on June 1st but don't have all the information. Anyone?

Welcome to the Forums!! hope we can see some pics of your girl soon! 🙂

I will when I'm at my own computer. Right now at library.

Welcome, how old is your dog?

2 years old May 10th this year.

Hello and welcome! Love to see some pics!

Hello and welcome!


Welcome to the pack! Tell us more about your little furbaby.

Welcome 🙂


Her name is Mattie and she is a real sweetie. My son brought her home from a mission trip in Appalachia. She has become my shadow and we just can't imagine not having her around.

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