Hello, everyone. I have a pretty basenji girl name Cleo who is now a 11 yr old. I got her when she was 6 yrs old from a basenji rescue group. I got her a few months after losing my last dog who was a basenji mix who I had from 2month to his death at 15 yrs. Cleo is quite the character. She a sweet, silly and loving girl but a bit of a grump. She is in love with a greyhound and her best friend is a german shepard. Of course, neither of them bark much which she likes. She has had quite a lot of health problems the past 2 yrs ago, but has bounced back to her old self.

Well that is great and welcome to the forum…. my kids at home are 2 @ 16 1/2, 1 @ 15 (21st of Feb) and 13.....

Welcome! I have just posted pics of my crew-please post pics, we love pics!

Welcome! I am new here aswell, I just adopted my second basenji and I am so glad that I was told about this place, it has been a great help with all my concerns…basenji related.

I love the old ones.
Look forward to some photos.

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