• Last march I adopted a basenji/jrt mix I named Teagan. Although it probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done (I knew absolutely nothing about the breed) I made room for her in a house with 3 other dogs. Teagan started school two weeks after I adopted her. She needs more.;) It was a struggle for both of us. My Dad was ill and in a nursing facility and between go to visit him and trying to train Teagan… My Dad passed away and Teagan started sleeping with me that very same day. She's a bit of a bed hog. My other dogs are also rescues - 9ish Hoban is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a 6 year survivor of a puppy mill, 5year old Sassy is a Jack Russel Terrier from Kentucky who was shipped up to MN where I adopted her.
    I graduated as a Vet Tech in 2009 and was Certified shortly after finishing my internship. Unfortunately there are no jobs!:( I've been volunteering 2x's a week at my vet clinic where I take my dogs. They help me gain experience.
    For the past 9 months they have listened to me complain about Teagain and the trouble she causes. I've tried to give her away dozens of time but I make very sure no one wants to take me up on the offer of a free doggie.;) She's mine and I love her -warts and all.:) I'm glad I found this forum so that I can gain insite into the half of my girl that I don't understand. Yeah!

  • Again, as noted…. double trouble with a B/Jack mix..... no real suggestions other then training and lots of patience....

    Try to do things that require her to think rather then just play hard... using their minds is a great way engaged them and also it does tire them out.

  • Thank you for your reply. Double trouble is right. I will try and keep her a busy a posible. Gee, my JRT doesn't give me this much trouble. Aw well, they keep life interesting.

  • Welcome to our pack.
    I can't speak to the jrt portion but the basenji part … a tired basenji is the best basenji. But giving them stimulation can take a variety of forms -- make her work for her dinner by getting one of those interactive toys to fill with her kibble or give her a raw frozen marrow bone to keep her occupied while you're doing something else; any free second work on an obedience command (and really a few seconds here and there add up); before she gets in the bed make her work for the chance to jump in; work on redirecting her attention away from destructive behavior by rewarding good behavior (honestly basenjis catch on fast to the food reward game). That's just a few ways there are more in various discussions on this forum.

  • A tired Basenji?!!! Joking apart, I agree with the previous posts. It is really important that she doesn't get something for nothing as Wizard advises make her work for it.

    Welcome to the Forum to you,Teagan and the others.

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