Hi, my name is Jasper

Jasper was born on 01 January 2014 and will become part of our family on Saturday, 12 April 2014, when we bring him home.

Hey Jasper, welcome to NYC. You might want to come join a nice bunch of Bs at our monthly meetups at a dog run. Our next one will be in May. If you're interested, join us at www.meetup.com/basenji-nyc/ .

Fuji (dictated, but not signed)

<sigh>basenji babies are so cute. welcome to the forum</sigh>

What a sweet little guy! Welcome to the forum. 🙂

Welcome! This is so unfair, cute puppies cause puppy blues for those of us without. So you have to share lots of pictures to compensate!

What fun you will have, as above we love pictures of cute puppies. Love the name. Enjoy your pup.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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