Hi, my name is Jasper
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    Jasper was born on 01 January 2014 and will become part of our family on Saturday, 12 April 2014, when we bring him home.

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    Hey Jasper, welcome to NYC. You might want to come join a nice bunch of Bs at our monthly meetups at a dog run. Our next one will be in May. If you're interested, join us at www.meetup.com/basenji-nyc/ .

    Fuji (dictated, but not signed)

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  • <sigh>basenji babies are so cute. welcome to the forum</sigh>

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  • What a sweet little guy! Welcome to the forum. :)

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  • Welcome! This is so unfair, cute puppies cause puppy blues for those of us without. So you have to share lots of pictures to compensate!

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    What fun you will have, as above we love pictures of cute puppies. Love the name. Enjoy your pup.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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