• Hello. My name is Lynn and I live in PA. I have two 8 year old Basenji girls;however, they do not get along and do not live together with myself, my husband, and my 5 yr.old Min. Pin. Stella lives with us, and Nala lives with her 'grand parents'-my parents. These dogs are my children and they are what I look forward to after a long day at work!!!

  • Hello Lynn - Welcome to the forum - loads of info and fun. Enjoy!

  • Welcome Lynn and Stella and Nala (what a coincidence - my B is Nala too and she's 8!? LOL!) This is a fun place to learn, share and have fun!
    Post pictures when you can!

  • Welcome to the site!! The drama between 2 females is not unheard of with this breed. It is great that you have a way of taking care of both of them. Pics would be great!

  • Welcome to the forum…loads of great info here...I have female B, Jojo, also...

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