• Safi = Tadrose Love
    I remember that you had one of Rosita's pups last year right is that Kito?
    You've completely confused me with the relationship between the two, I think you mean that Kito is Safi's uncle?

  • Kito is Tadrose Red Sunset. (The KC registered TWO as Tadrose Red Lady - including Kito but when I threatened to register change of ownership of my boy as Red Lady, the owner of the real Red Lady objected and the KC admitted its mistake !)

    Have a look at the on-line pedigree database. That will give you the relationships. But actually I made a mistake - Kito is uncle and half-brother - same Dad. I should have said Safi's Mom is Kito's Mom's daughter.

    But as Kito and Mku are half brothers, Safi is a half-sister to Mku, too -

    Pedigrees are such fun ! People who don't bother with them are really missing out on the amusement and exploration !

  • Ah the joys of inbreeding!

  • @zande Tadrose Red Lady was to be my pup last year. I had everything ready except for my head...

  • @saving She is a really cute little girl! Great looking Basenji. Glad to hear you got some good help finding her on the Forum. Sally is the best!

  • @jengosmonkey Thanks! I was given Sally's number by someone last year and she talked me out of getting a Basenji first and when she'd beaten me into submission, she then said not to give up lol! Very helpful though and put me in touch with a breeder when one came up.

  • @saving NO ! Don't call it inbreeding - because in this case it isn't. Our dogs are all closely related but the pairings were out-crosses.

    Basenjis, IMNSHO, should be line-bred. Everything Marvin and I produced in about 40 years of breeding, was line-bred on Donner. Ch and Irish Ch Domewood Donner. We line-bred quite closely, crossed right out and then came back in again to fix type.

    Think about it in the wild. A pack of Basenjis is not owned by a person but by a village. The pack runs wild and the Alpha male mates with his aunts, his neices, his grand-daughters, his sisters, his mother and just about any female in the pack. Close line breeding. And Basenjis as a Breed are one of the oldest - one of the 6 original canines. They have survived in recognisable construction for - so people say - 6000 years.

    Look back through some of the oldest pedigrees and you will see this continuing -

  • @zande - Totally right Zande, it is not inbreeding.. it is line breeding.... there is a difference. It is done with great thought to conformation, temperament, breed standard, health... there is a difference between the two...

  • Thanks for the explanation, I'm sure the royals did it with great thought too!!

  • @saving said in Here's Safi:

    I'm sure the royals did it with great thought too!!


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