I'm a Newbie here & sort of old but willing to learn!

  • I'm Nancy B. I've just gotten started in BRAT & all the many things on here! I am looking for a new Senji. I've had 2 Senji girls (1 at time) since 1998. I just lost my wonderful 16 & a half yr. old Dorie on Aug. 24, 2016. My place is so empty & sad. I hope to make friends here but you'll have to excuse me if I don't understand all the abbreviations, etc. because I'm 60 yrs. old. But I'm willing to learn!

  • Hey, I've got ten years on you, so age really isn't an issue! Welcome to the forum. I also have an empty house. I lost my last boy back in April, so I know exactly what you are feeling. One thing about the internet, if someone uses an abbreviation you don't understand, you can usually find the meaning with Google. Or of course you can just ask them what they mean. People are pretty friendly on this forum.

  • Hi eeeefarm! That's all good news to hear (except that you lost your boy). What "name" is it that people on here call you? I mean, do they call you eeeefarm each time or something shorter?

  • @eeeefarm Well, I managed to get my reply to you (eeeefarm) in the wrong place! Welcome to my mixed up world!! HA!! I didn't get it in the wrong place, it was the setting!

  • @Nancy-Berry said in I'm a Newbie here & sort of old but willing to learn!:

    Hi eeeefarm! That's all good news to hear (except that you lost your boy). What "name" is it that people on here call you? I mean, do they call you eeeefarm each time or something shorter?

    Haven't worried about names too much. Debra calls me Shirley because she knows my name, so I guess that's good enough. 🙂

    I have had 5 Basenjis over the years, the first in the late '60s, the rest from 1975 to the present. First three were girls, last two have been boys. I do not know if I will have another, certainly not a pup. Perhaps a rescue if the stars align. It's just too hard to lose them, and I certainly don't want a young dog that might outlive me.

  • @eeeefarm said in I'm a Newbie here & sort of old but willing to learn!:

    Debra calls me Shirley because she knows my name, so I guess that's good enough. 🙂

    Oh dear, should I not use your name and just eeeefarm? I think of you by name so I just use it.

    LOL, Nancy, welcome to the forum. And on the friendly, <cough>, I see you got a rather unfriendly response elsewhere. As I am known to do, I kind of jumped into it. Usually we have strong
    disagreements but remain respectful. Shirley and I are often at odds, and I love her and respect her even when we disagree. Most here are in fact friendly.

    By "started in BRAT" .. do you mean working for them, or using them to find a dog? If they have nothing available, also consider older pets from breeders... could be as young as 6 mos that didn't work out for showing. What state are you in? There are also other rescues in Calif and Florida.

  • eeeefarm, I understand not wanting your dog to outlive you ~ I feel the same way! You & DebraDownSouth are a couple of fun people! Yes, that unfriendly response sort of caught me off guard & it's nice some others noticed that I really wasn't trying to be ugly to him! I don't work for BRAT but I might like to help doing relays someday! When I said that I just got started in BRAT, I mean that I stumbled onto the website & glad I did! I applied for 1 dog (12 yrs.) but she went to another home. Then a new one was posted (just turning 5 yrs.) & I fell in love with her! She was in my dreams when I'd sleep!! There was something about her that just yanked on my heart-strings the minute I saw her but, again, she went to another home. I prefer my kids to be far enough out of the puppy stage that they don't use my toes for chew toys!! LOL!! I like the older ones too because their personality is already shining out! I've always had girls but boys need love too! There's 3 things in life I just don't do: 2 legged babies, kittens & puppies!! My 1st. dog was a tiny Yorkie born July 12th, 10 days before me! My 1st. Senji was 5 when I got her & born July 26th, 4 days after me! Then I got Dorie, my 2nd. Senji girl, born in Jan. 2000. I lost her Aug. 24th, 2016 & I still bawl like a big baby! I did the same when my other 2 passed too. I only keep 1 kid at a time so they know they are the focus in my life. I never married or had 2 legged kids so I have 4 legged kids! It might be a lot of fun having 2 at a time but, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew! Wow, I better stop my fingers, else you'll both go to sleep reading all this! But eeeefarm & DebraDownSouth ~ I'm very happy to meet you both! If all this stuff I've just written is supposed to be somewhere else, Plz tell me & I'll rent a Semi & move it! LOL!

  • Having one dog at a time is a great idea with Basenjis, provided you are around most of the time, as they really don't like being left alone. Two is handy if you're working or for whatever reason are absent quite a bit, but again one must be careful as some Basenjis are dog aggressive, and same sex aggression isn't unusual. I got my third girl when my second was seven years old, but I was fortunate in that Tamu was young enough that Lady decided.....after three days of stiff legged avoidance.....to "adopt" her, and from then on they were best buddies. After I lost Lady at 16, I thought Tamu needed a friend, but when I got Sunny she hated him on sight! I was able to negotiate a truce, however she never really liked him and declined to play with him. Perry was an "only child", which was a bit difficult as he had separation anxiety, but we worked through that and he became the most reliable Basenji I have ever had. Absolutely trustworthy in the house. So you never know.

  • Nancy, what state are you in? I know Camp Basenji has some available.
    http://www.campbasenji.org/ or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Camp-Basenji-469761239735368/

    Also, breeders often have older adults or younger ones that didn't work out in their program. The cost isn't much different than some rescue.

  • I'm in the very (and I mean VERY) Southern tip of Indiana! The only thing south of me is the Ohio River, then Henderson Kentucky! I'm in Evansville. I got both of my Senji girls from Hackers Basenjis. I guess she's not breeding anymore as none of the phone #s work anymore!

  • Welcome! All three of my basenjis have been from Tad Brooks of Meisterhaus. He is in KY/IN and I know he has adults available from time to time 🙂

  • @CrazySenji Thank You CrazySenji! I'd looked at his website when I was trying to find Hackers Basenjis (I guess she no longer breeds or shows). Meisterhaus has some beautiful dogs & has his dogs in so many other Countries!! I was impressed, to say the least!! I may go back to his site again but all I want is the "pet" stock as the Senji will be my legal companion animal. I really had 2 great Senji's from Ann Harrison of Hackers Basenjis. They were raised with much love & gave that love to me 100 times over! I'll have to post a picture of my 2 girls on here somewhere. Seems like I found a place in one of the forums to post the pictures. But, Thank You again for the recommendation, that always makes me feel more at ease about a kennel & the owner/breeder!!

  • Unfortunately his website is out dated. I'd email him or look up Meisterhaus on Facebook 🙂

  • @CrazySenji Ok, Thanks for the update! I'd noticed that his site was out dated but, I thought he might be taking a break or something. Thank You again. I've got that info written down!! Nancy B.

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