I'm Rocco. I'm a rescue and I'm working on my biting problem in North Carolina.

  • Hi everyone. My new basenji's name is Rocco. I got him from BRAT two months ago. He's been great so far he just gets bitey during play.

    Still working on potty training too. I think he was trained on pee pads because he keeps going on my rugs at home. He's trying to find his place and establish more consistency with me. I love these forums and appreciate everyone advice!

    Melyssa & Rocco

  • Hi Rocco and Melyssa, beautiful black and white. My boy Kaiser took a fancy to our rug during toilet training so we removed the rug so there was no smell to confuse him as you really need to get rid of the smell or they keep going back. Invest in a good cleaner that removes the stain as well as the odour. Just be consistent with training and before you know it things will settle. They are very smart it's just finding what methods work for you and Rocco.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Welcome! He looks like a bundle of energy. When he gets rough during play, the play ceases. No more fun if you feel teeth or he tugs on your clothing. He will figure out that you don't like the rough stuff and will learn that gentle play is the way to go. Patience and consistency will help him figure this out. 🙂

  • When they are with their littermates and any adults, during play when they bite to hard, the one getting bite will scream at the biter… and adults will strongly correct... this is when they learn "soft" bite... so sounds like your Rocco did not get this... This happens if removed from the adults and/or other littermates too early... So as stated, all play stops... also, I suggest that if the bite is too hard, scream/yell very loud and then stop all play

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