• Hi! I've been researching basenjis for quite a while and they seem amazing. In February, I'll be getting my first basenji. For a while, I've known about these forums and read a lot of posts. I decided I should make an account. So hello! 😃

  • Hi, what an exciting time it is waiting for a puppy. Just make sure you have done your research and found a responsible breeder, makes all the difference to have a healthy well adjusted good temperament pup. Can't wait to see your first pup photo's.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I am so excited for my puppy to come home. I have made sure the breeder is responsible and I have done a lot of research on the breed. February is just so far away

  • The day will come faster than you think 🙂 My advise to you would be to start getting your home ready before the little Angel/Tazmanian devil arrives. Get as much gear (bonus if you find items on sale) you possibly can prior to the arrival (a must have: a good water bottle spray which will stop and get the attention of any animal & human in their track). Most importantly, puppy/dog proof the house and yard.

    Good luck and patience 😉

  • Thank you, ula. It won't be easy waiting, but it will be worth the wait

  • Welcome !
    I'm in NJ, from what breeder are you getting your puppy, If I'm not being too nosey.


  • I'm getting my puppy from Sundiata Basenjis.

  • Congrats on the new puppy. Between now and then, try to visit some basenji homes. 🙂 Nothing is so good as one on one experience!

  • It's hard to wait but take it from me; enjoy not living your life by the clock while you can..once the puppy comes you will find yourself looking at that clock and setting timers to go out to potty, eating…enjoy peaceful sleep and freedom..because once the puppy comes its a prison sentence for a little while (not to sound like a downer..lol) I was so excited to pick up Oakley that I picked him up a few days short of ten weeks; I wish I prepared a bit more mentally for such a huge event..Oakley was a tough cookie...so glad puppyhood is over! I miss the tiny body and cute little wrinkles but that's what pictures are for!! Lol
    Congratulations and don't rush it, be excited for it but enjoy the time
    Between then and now

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