• Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum. I have had 4 basenjis all together.

    My first one Sebastian a red and white boy - Beautiful my first baby - born 1994 and passed away 2001 due to complications from Fanconi.

    My second Shanghai a read and white girl - Born 1996 - I think she's gone (long story for another day)

    My third Morpheus a brindle boy my oldest now he's great - Born 1999

    My fourth Shai a read and white girl my youngest and the smallest - Born 2001.

    I absolutely love Basenjis –- would never go without one well actually 2:D

    Happy to be part of this group!

  • Hi snoopyslove! Welcome to Basenji Forums!

    If you have any photos of your Basenji(s) It would be great if you can post them in the Show Off Your Dog thread.

    Let us know if you need help posting your photos or have any other questions about getting around these forums.

  • Hi and welcome! Please do post about your dog you say you think is "gone." Sounds bad. 😞


  • Hi Amber, welcome to the Forums!

    Lots of fun Basenji talk here, I think you'll enjoy it.

    Give Morpheus a hug, oh, ok, Shai can have one too. Tex sends his brother a big Barroo!


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