• I want to formally introduce myself and say hello, my name is Wayne. I have already posted a thread about aggressive behavior in my 13 year old male toward a 15 week old male.

    My partner and I have had two of the best Basenji dogs. They did not chew, were house broken when they came from the breeders and were very easy to live with. The female was 13 and a half and passed away three weeks ago of a kidney disease :(. The male is 6 months younger and for the most part a real sweet heart. He has never shown aggression to any human and is very obedient, but does have issues with other dogs and recently with our new puppy.

    We are interested in coursing and agility routines and hope to become active in those sports.

    To all of you that have already responded to my original thread, THANKS…

  • Where in California are you? and if you don't mind sharing who did your pup come from?

  • We live in Santa Ana and Alzaer came from SunDiata Basenjis in Arizona.

  • Welcome to the forum!
    We lived in the Inland Empire area til May of last year and I attended just 2 lure coursing events out there. They were with the Inland Wilderness Hunt Club. Googling that club would be a good place to start getting involved in coursing.

    Do you know if your female had Fanconi??

    Our young boy also came from Arizona…we had a similar long car ride to go get him. I have never seen so many windmills in my life as there were on that drive!

  • My mom does coursing and racing in Southern California. I know there is some racing at the end of May not sure about events sooner than that though.

  • Welcome to our pack - sorry about the loss of your female

  • Welcome to the forum! 🙂

  • @mauigirl:

    Welcome to the forum!

    Do you know if your female had Fanconi??

    Thanks for the information. Skylar was her name and she did not have fanconi. We do not know what caused the infection, but she lived for three and one half years after her diagnosis. The vet originally stated about 6 months, but we treated her with a blood pressure medication, 81mg asprin and later on malox. She was active and spry right up to the last 3 - 4 weeks. We do as everyone should, check our dogs with the strip test.

    Also thanks for the welcome…:)

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