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  • You can get just dna or dna with healh testing. Just DNA is about 85 and full panel is about 110 from the wisdom panel.

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  • She is beautiful! She looks like a Decker Terrier to me. They can range from 25 - 40 lbs. Google "Decker Terrier tri color" and look at the images tab, I think you will be suprised. If you read the history of Decker Terriers you will find there is some basenji in there mix.

  • You have a nice looking dog, whatever it is. Good photos show that she has a body of a terrier, and the looks of a Basenji in the head. I recommend a test to see what you are dealing with and the expectations you can evolve together. Good luck.

  • Looks like a Basenji and Pit Bull! Super cute face.

    Will be so much fun to do the DNA test.

  • Bella is a beautiful dog. I have basenjis and a decker rat terrier. She looks like a decker to me. They rarely bark and when they do it is clipped. They howl. Some of them do jump very high. My boy does not because he is a larger decker from original lines. I would love to know what she is also. Finding people with deckers is a rare occurrence for me.

  • Welcome to the forum. She looks like a Decker Rat Terrier, as others have commented. They are a specific rat terrier developed by Mr Decker. Yes, there is basenji in there, so you have found the right place. If you do a DNA test make sure that they have basenji in their testing base, at one time not all of them did. Whatever she is, she is a beauty.

  • What ever she is, she's beautiful!

  • Welcome. Your Bella is so beautiful! Hope you two have many happy, healthy years together!!!

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