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    Yeah, I saw that also. She was one of the first breeders I talked to about basenjis before I got Tayda - such a nice lady. Does anyone know if she is all right? I know there was something about an accident on her website.

    I am new to the site and still trying to learn how to use it.

    When I saw the Rugosa B post I thought "give it a try" even tho I have Vickie's e-mail.

    We got Bisa [formerly name 'Lucy' when born] from Vickie in May 2008 at the age of 1 1/2 years old. Bisa and her siblings were born Christmas Day, so Bisa is now 2 yrs old. [Bisa means 'greatly loved' in Swahili].

    Yes, there was a terrible MVA and Vickie was still recovering from her injuries when we adopted Bisa. I know at that time that she said she hoped to be able to reopen RBs in the future. I send her updates on how Bisa is doing every so often and have heard back from her a couple of times in response to them.

    Being one who has survived injuries from an MVA [although not as serious as what Vicki had] I know it takes time for all of the body to heal … that and prayers said for the person who was hurt as well as for the families. So I continue to say prayers for Vicki and her husband and their daughter while Vicki is healing.

    Vicki and her husband were wonderful, gracious people and we are glad to have met them. And yes ... she DOES care for her Basenjis with a huge heart of gold. They are her 'babies', just like our pets have been my 'babies' to me. I hope one day she can/will return to the forum. So much could be learned from her.<smiling>

    [In my post to finding her on here, I put in a sign that in e-mails comes out as a 'smile' but here in this site it came out as a 'sticking out of tongue'. Wish I would have known it would do that!!! I would never have used it!]</smiling>

  • Well wishes to Vickie on a full recovery. Sending happy thoughts and big baroos your way.

    (Perhaps someone here that knows Vickie can send a personal message to her to check out the get well wishes here at the forum!!)

  • @snorky998:

    Well wishes to Vickie on a full recovery. Sending happy thoughts and big baroos your way.

    (Perhaps someone here that knows Vickie can send a personal message to her to check out the get well wishes here at the forum!!)

    I can do that….

  • First Basenji's

    Yes … she was in a serious accident. I had posted somewhere on the site in regards to this. I just sent her pics of Bisa, from her 2006 litter [was Lucy] that we adopted May 2008.

  • Hi, this is Vickie, of Rugosa basenjis, and I have to tell you that these posts made me smile, and reading about Lucy, sorry, Bisa, and knowing she is so loved is the greatest. (She was Lucy to us because the whole litter was born on Dec 25 and the father's name was Charlie Brown- so we went with a Charlie Brown Christmas theme)
    In the accident , though you can't see anything on the outside, I suffered what a baby with 'shaken baby syndrome' experiences, and what I had I wish on no baby. I'll never be completely 'cured' and though the progress I make now is slow, if I never got better than I am today, I'll be fine.
    The dogs brought, and still bring me great joy, and I consider it almost a miracle that after the accident I got emails from folks who already had Rugosa basenjis wanting another, so my job of 'checking them out' was done. My main job was making sure the actual dogs matched up.
    In true Rugosa style, I made lemonade out of lemons!
    I can't guarantee I'll find my way back to this thread, but now rather than attributing it to old age, I will always have 'the accident' to blame. Your posts here and other threads tell me the breed I love is going to be on good hands. Bless you all who share their lives with these little imps!

  • Oh, yes, I remember Vickie from her website. Ohio is not that far from me and I have happened upon it often. I have admired her knowledge of the breed and also her handiwork in her quilts. Especially since I am also a quilter/Basenji person!!! I hope she does get back to us on the forums someday, but until then, I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers…

  • Vickie, wow, you have come such a long way from the trama that happend to you.
    We are delighted your here!

  • Houston

    I am happy to hear that you are doing better. I could not even begin to understand what you have been going through.
    my hopes for you to get better soon..

  • Welcome to the forum Vickie,

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