• Hi, we adopted our rescue dog Bella in October and our vet says she’s a Besenji/terrier mix. How much does it cost to get DNA done? It’s not that important to us to know for sure but just curious. She’s one yr old and so much energy. She can jump really high off the ground. She does bark once in awhile but usually just one loud bark. When she she sees a squirrel or when I am leaving to walk our other dog she makes other crying or screeching noise. She is smart and super affectionate. I am hoping to learn more about Besenji’s and get to know some people here who have experience with them. Trying to upload a couple photos keeps giving me an error message entity too large.

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  • You can get just dna or dna with healh testing. Just DNA is about 85 and full panel is about 110 from the wisdom panel.

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  • She is beautiful! She looks like a Decker Terrier to me. They can range from 25 - 40 lbs. Google "Decker Terrier tri color" and look at the images tab, I think you will be suprised. If you read the history of Decker Terriers you will find there is some basenji in there mix.

  • You have a nice looking dog, whatever it is. Good photos show that she has a body of a terrier, and the looks of a Basenji in the head. I recommend a test to see what you are dealing with and the expectations you can evolve together. Good luck.

  • Looks like a Basenji and Pit Bull! Super cute face.

    Will be so much fun to do the DNA test.

  • Bella is a beautiful dog. I have basenjis and a decker rat terrier. She looks like a decker to me. They rarely bark and when they do it is clipped. They howl. Some of them do jump very high. My boy does not because he is a larger decker from original lines. I would love to know what she is also. Finding people with deckers is a rare occurrence for me.

  • Welcome to the forum. She looks like a Decker Rat Terrier, as others have commented. They are a specific rat terrier developed by Mr Decker. Yes, there is basenji in there, so you have found the right place. If you do a DNA test make sure that they have basenji in their testing base, at one time not all of them did. Whatever she is, she is a beauty.

  • What ever she is, she's beautiful!

  • Welcome. Your Bella is so beautiful! Hope you two have many happy, healthy years together!!!

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