• Hi-I'm Nancy Scott, the willing slave of the sweetest little b girl named Cassie who we adopted through BRAT in December of 2010. Cassie is the lights of our lives-she is a typical b…sleeps between us in bed....races around doing the b500...easily seduced by food...

    We live in FLorida on a small island in the Gulf of Mexico-it is a very dog friendly place, so Cas has been patted and welcomed everywhere we go. And I have had the opportunity to do lots of impromptu lectures on Basenjis for people who ask questions when we meet them on walks around the island.
    Cassie has befriended our mail carrier, who leaves abiscuit for her in the mailbox, and all the owners at the dog park. She is smaller than almost anyone there, but her speed and agility always draw interest.

    Right now she is curled up snoring beside me as I type this. I love meeting and and reading notes from other Basenji owners. Everyone seems extraordinarily nice. Thanks for the welcome. I think Cassie and I are going to be very happy!!!


  • Houston

    Welcome Nancy and Cassie, glad to have both of you onboard. Sounds like Cas is living the dream with you in Florida…lucky girl.

  • I love the name basenjmamma! I feel the same way! Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • Welcome Nancy and Cassie! We are in the Tampa area, are you near-by? We have a Sunday meet up at a dog park and are always happy to see new folks. One of mine is a BRAT (from 10 years ago).

  • Hello and welcome from Canada! Your Island sounds like a wonderful place!

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Welcome to you and Cassie.

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