Hi, new here…

Hello…I came across this forum and wondered if it's for purebred Basenji's only...we have a mix that we do believe is part B...She certainly displays all the behaviors and we think she looks the part too...:D She is a shelter pup so we don't know for sure...We just LOVE her to death...

Welcome! There are a number of folks on here who are owned by Basenji mixes, and even pups who aren't basenjis at all. They still benefit from a lot of the experience and conversation regarding training, ideas and concerns.

We love photos here - post a couple of your B-mix and I'm sure you'll get opinions on what "brand" of sweetie you've got there.

Welcome to the pack 🙂 There are definitely a lot of B-mix owners on here! Hope to see some photos of your baby soon!

Looks mostly shepard to me… but everyone is welcome....

Sidney is adorable! Thanks for the pic and welcome to the forum.

Do you have a pic of Sidney's body? There may be some finer points of body type that the more experienced B or Bmix owner can spot.

Again, welcome.

Thank you….Here is her full body shot.....We really don't care what she's mixed with...she's just such a treat and way toooo smart for her own good (or ours)....

Well if "she is way to smart for her own good", you'll probably find a lot of threads that relate to her (i.e. dogs that outsmart their owners and make all kinds of mischief!)

She is a sweet looking girl. Glad to have you here! Don't worry about the mix thing, some of us have other breeds as well. I've got a super quiet basenji (I get to hear a baroo maybe once a week when he really gets to playing in the park) and a not-so-super-quiet beagle who I get to hear a LOT more often than once a week!

Welcome to the forum! Lovely pup you have there! 🙂

Yes, very sweet dog! I have two b-mixes: a basenji-pug and a basenji-boston terrier. I think you'll find the info and advice on this forum really helpful. I know I have!

She looks great and bright, glad she has a good home!

Thanks so much for the warm welcomes….:)

Welcome to the pack! I don't see much basenji in her (but then I'm not a breeder either) but she's good looking never the less. Is she shepherd-size (cant' quite tell from the picture).

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