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I have 2 basenjis about a year apart. With my oldest, during the first few months, we noticed that he would cry out at random times and start biting his leg. After exploring his leg we felt a ball like mass and thought maybe that was what was bothering him. However, the vet said that the “ball” was not a cause for concern. As he kept getting older he complained about it less and less. With our new dog (5 month old) we are experiencing the same behavior, and he also has a ball-like mass on the leg that he bites at. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what it could be or what I should do?

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Hello friends, next week we are bringing home our second basenji. Any tips on introducing him to our other basenji? Should they sleep together? Eat together? Be trained alongside each other? How can we avoid jealousy between them? Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated. (Both are boys, and the older is 2 and neutered, the other is 2 months old.)0_1598478831082_53AA17BA-EC0E-4CA5-A54C-5B624D7302D7.jpeg

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First: any time he bite you scream loud, bite for dogs at young age is normal, but as owners we need to help them to calibrate the power of their bites, cause they play like that with their pack, but when you make them understand that they are hurting you, they will start to do it less strong, and the same time you scream show them a toy in exchange, so they understand that is with toys that he can play with you. Basenjis needs a lot of toys, especially as puppies, and a I mean “a lot of toys” and put them in a special place for them, like a toy chest, so they know where to find thinks to play with you, instead of your arm. But remenber make a big deal when he bite you, and is not yelled at them, no, cause basenjis you can’t talk to them in a bad way, is just scream like he hurt you so much, he will get it and I bet you that in no time if he continue to do it, he will doi it more softly.

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Hi !! My name is Rosanna, I recently adopt a basenji puppy. His name is Gus, and is the most adorable and mischivius little creature😍. My concern recently is make the transition from the pampers to go outside. Any advice? And those little dots affter he pee 😒I’ll share some picture soon!!! His account on instagram is “Gus-the basenji”!

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