Hi, new here

Hello :)….I see some familiar names on here, so some of you might know us from the Basenji-L and BRAT lists :).

I'm Danielle, husband is Fred, dogs are Jibini and Tana. Jibini is 8, Tana is 3....they used to be the "Truckin' Basenjis" but we've come off the road. Fred still drives, and I'm going back to school in the Fall.

We live in southeastern South Dakota. Originally from Florida, so it's quite a change. Now that I'm home with a regular schedule, I have more time to devote to online forums so I decided to join here.

Look forward to chatting with you all! 😃

Welcome - glad to hear you are on.

Hi Danielle… and welcome....

Hello & welcome to the group

Hi Danielle, I do remember you from the BRAT emails!!! So glad to have you join here at the forums! How have you been doing lately, do the dogs like being home?:)

Welcome Danielle! Weren't you on the Pix list too? Or maybe it's just from BRAT that I remember you? Anyways, glad to see you here, and I know I've loved all the great stories of Jibini and Tana on the road. 🙂

Hello and Welcome to the forum! I would love to see some pics of Jibini and Tana!

Welcome to our pack and yes please do post some pictures of the dogs.

Welcome, glad you found the forum. Great place to talk b's.

Welcome, I can't wait for the pics!!!

Welcome, and some stories of Basenji's on the road would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on going back to school!!

Pix (from other lists) of your babies were always day brighteners from me. Post some here! And WELCOME, Danielle & Fam!

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