Hi iam new

Hi Iam isobel legget

I have become the proud owner of my first basenji her name is Afrika and i got her from Scott Wright.

Hello and welcome Isobel and Afrika. We would love to see pics:D

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Great name for Basenji, I like it :D. Send photos of your Afrika please :).

Glad you found us. Welcome.

hi Isobel - saw the new pics of Afrika on Facebook - looking good!

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Big welcome to you Isobel and to Afrika - glad to have you both with us.

Hi Welcome to the forum

Hi Everybody, Thanks for your warm welcome, will post photo either when I learn how
or when my daughter does it for me.

Welcome to the forum Isobel and Afrika! What a great name for a basenji!! Can't wait to see pics đŸ˜‰

Welcome to the forum, Isobel. Is Afrika her registered name? I see Scott mentions pictures on Facebook, I look forward to seeing them.


Hi Isobel and Afrika, great to have you onboard..

Hello Isobel and Afrika đŸ™‚ Welcome!

Welcome, and congratulations on your new pup. Looking forward to seeing photos!

Hi Isobel and Afrika

Welcome to the forum!

Hi All i have uploaded 3 pics of Afrika they are in the photo albums


Afrika is very pretty..

What a pretty girl! I'm sure you're delighted with her.

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