• Hi,
    I am a owner of a 14 month old female basenji named Angel(I nicknamed her Cujo). She still chews everything even though she has toys to play with. Hates her crate because I believe that she has seperation disorder. I have tried buying a new smaller crate (A few of which she has broken out of). Feeding her in the crate etc… Oh yeah and did I mention that she will mess her crate even though she is brought out to the bathroom right before she goes in. Sometimes we keep her on a tie out in the yard and she has managed to break her colar and escape and just a couple of days ago she broke the actual tie out (I remind you those things are made with metal inside them.) So I am hear to find out other peoples issues with their Basenji's to help me get through the next couple of years and see how they deal with some of the issues. Also it helps knowing that I am not the only one. I am also a mother of two a 7 and 5 year old who makes it difficult when they leave toys out and then yell when Angel gets them and chews them up!


  • Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to help learn about Basenji's and all that is them, lol.

  • Ah yes, I remember those days. It does get better. Nala is 9 now and it took her a while to settle down. Hang in there and be sure to search the forum for "crate training", etc. to find prior posts with lots of helpful advice Welcome…this is a great place for advice and fun! I know it has saved my sanity once or twice!
    Oh...pictures? We LOVE pictures!!

  • Gosh young dogs are great. For the most part I was spoiled the first part of my life. Other than the B when I was younger we had bigger dogs. I haver rediscovered the joy (And compleate insanity) of little inteligent active dogs over the last couple of years. Just think of it like you do with your kids. Yea they will drive you absolutly crazy at times, but soon enough you will get to look back on it with fond memories (Oh remember that time the dog ate half of the coffee table). Welcome to the forums…....can't wait to see pictures of your new ball of destructive joy. 😃

  • maybe she's scared of the crate…my puppy kept messing in his crate for the first week i had him even when he had gone out to potty right before...it took a few days and i just tried to make him comfy in it and put treats in it for him w/o locking it, then only locking it for a few minutes at a time...now he doesn't mind it

    i feel ya on the kids toys getting chewed up...i have a 1 year old girl and a 3 year old boy....i just keep telling my son if he doesn't pick up his toys now then the dog will chew them up and i kind of like it because since we got our puppy everyone has finally been putting their stuff up where it belongs

  • Welcome to the forum - it has to be tough to raise and train three (!) kids.

    They (the furkids) are great little escape artists - nearly everyone here has a story along those lines. Here's some tips about preventing escapes: http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=982

  • We had trouble with the metal wire mesh crates. Our guys chewed right through them. Never messed in the crate though. Having two seems to diminish the separation anxiety/loneliness thing.

    Jack and Jill used to break out of stuff like crazy when they were young. They settled down after their third birthday.

    Victor and Amaka in Jersey City

  • Welcome to the forum Lynn, so naming her Angel hasn't made her behave in an angelic way then? 😃

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