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this was one of the first adult collars i got my B. it is velvet lined for comfort but they are sturdy! had this one collar for three years. it is our everyday collar, i wouldn't go back. and when i can afford more i will get him another from them.

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Does anyone have pictures of hives on their B's??
Zumi and i go running daily but we moved to a new area. there were lots of new plants along the side of the trail where we run, and today i noticed a small bump on his side.. it doesn't seem to bother him at all, and it's pretty small. i was wondering it if was a hive?
if it is hives, wouldn't there be more than just one bump? it's on his rib/belly area. i would like to rule out something small before i take him to a vet and do a biopsy if it becomes necessary.

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well, i'll admit that Zumi isn't really a trick, dog. he usually puts one ear back at me, as if saying "um…why should i do that??" but... he does know

  • stand and spin.
  • show him who's boss - where he shakes his stuffy viciously
  • pictures! - where he will freeze right where he is
  • poor poor, or are you sad? - where he will do a fake pout and make his body shiver then slowly falls over onto his back
  • go, zumi go! - and that starts a B-500!!
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fabulous pictures!! Tillo is, as always, stunning! awesome action shots!! looks like he had an absolute blast! do wish we had a track closer to us.

now, do excuse my ignorance but.. that other sighthound, do you know what breed she is? my closest guess would be a smooth saluki??

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i agree fully with Tanza…he is showing dominance over the furniture and "his" toys.. this behavior will only escalate, and it can and does get dangerous.
If Zumi ever growled at me or anyone trying to move him, he loses the privilege to be on there with me, i will not pander to that nonsense.

I would give him a firm "off" or "get down" which ever command you may use, but it needs to be nipped in the bud. they will learn real quick that if they want to keep their warm/comfy spot they have to behave because its only borrowed from you.
best of luck, and i hope you get his behavior under control before his grumbles become snaps.

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Well all, I'm just a few days out from my due date (the 29th) , and Zumi is taking everything in stride. I'm letting him inspect all clothing, and well, baby paraphernalia in general. He isn't minding anything or stressed at all, save for when i told him to get out of the car-seat, and that newly washed and folded socks are NOT toss toys (he pouted for that one).

We are making slow progress with the sister-hating issue ( he took a few treats from her when she gave him a few commands) but he ADORES her kids. He seemed fascinated with her newborn, and when we introduced them, he did great! a few sniffs, a little lick, and he lay down right next to her. He approved 🙂 He also loved licking up the spit up.
I am very much hoping that he will accept my own baby as well, but honestly see no concerns thus far.
So here we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new member of the family and of course introducing her to this great on-line community.

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giving an update on the personalized aggression my B-boy had been showing towards my sister, and i am horribly sad to announce its not better, it is far, far worse!
please refer to this thread for background:

Well, today my sister came over once again. This is her first visit over since having her baby. no kids were around. She stopped by to ask me to ride with her to the store so she didn't have to unload all the kids while she grabbed a few things. no problem.
the problem was, Zumi knew who she was and was showing aggression the instant the door opened.
He partially hid behind my legs, and was growling, not the soft rumble as before but an all out aggression growling. and throwing all of his fear body language as before with the uncurled tail, lowered ears, all fur on his back stood up, licking lips and stiffened body. I had never seen him act that scared in my life! My sister was in no way acting threatening at all!
His actions i will be honest and admit scared the living daylights out of both of us.
I gave him a firm "NO!" and told him to go to his kennel, which he gladly trotted into. His kennel is in my bedroom so i shut the bedroom door as well, hoping he would not feel threatened there.
sister and i left and discussed his actions on our drive. she told me that is the exact same way he acted the day she came over unexpectedly.
I am SO glad the kids waited in the car while she picked me up. i have never seen him act that bad. And am at a loss as to what to do. I do NOt trust him like that at all. Do i kennel him away every time they come over? I had planned on a no-threat approach and with sister giving treats but.. i don't think i can trust him that far, and absolutely not around the kids.


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just saw this ad on Craigslist and had to cross-post it here.

Two dogs, lost, seen running north on Williams Road. Basenjis, Neutered male and female. Male, "Tut" is black, brown, and white. Curled tail, ears point up. Weighs about 30 lbs. Female, "Ruby" is brown and white, curled tail, ears point up, smaller, about 20 lbs.

original ad:

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if bitter apple doesn't seem to work for you,( i had a non-B dog who "beavered" the floorboards but LOVED bitterapple..) you could also try mixing some hot sauce 50/50 with water in a small spray bottle and lightly misting the areas he chews… that worked for my boy!!!

another one that is a bit.. "out-there" would be applying a tiny amount of Vicks Vapor rub to the chewed areas. my B HATES mentholated things and will avoid at all costs.

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thank you everyone for your comments and advise so far.
bcraig, yes I have been mainly just having my sister completely ignore him, and giving no attention o his naughty behavior. no help yet..

and gbroxon i did not even think about her maybe startling him! As soon as i read your post i called her and YEP! she did!
Apparently she came over early one morning to pick up some books and magazines when mom and I were at a Drs appointment. She had also brought her own dog with (Zumi has no issues with her dog still) and grabbed his food dish off the floor, even though it was empty, Zumi is food/bowl aggressive towards other dogs. I guess her unannounced entrance startled him quite badly, and then the attacker took away his bowl. this could most definitely have been his trigger.
Sister said he backed away from her growling, hackles up and when she walked nearer to him that he even bared his teeth then ran and hid behind the recliner chair in the living room.

I suppose i shall also be stocking up on cat treats and those little Natural Balance rolls. He will do ANYTHING for them. lol, just another item to add to her diaper bag. Yes he knows a few tricks, and commands. I will have her treat him and ask him to obey a few commands each time she visits here so that she can be recognized as a friend again and not a scary attacker.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! i would never have thought of that.

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