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haha…that's so funny irena. I'm glad you all liked it...I can't wait til I get it finished.

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this is a work in progress done in pencil of my pup, deoji of the jeodis….to the right, where he is staring resentfully, will be my husband's hand holding a tissue (hence the name "lead me not into temptation")

hope you all like it

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i think the obamas should get a basenji…


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they give dog's abortions?

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thank you…whew, i thought it coming out his penis was going to be something terrible.....i've been wiping his eye with a hot rag hoping that would help, you know, like when a baby has a plugged tear duct.

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sound gross?…it is....there is this light green goo coming from my basenjis right eye, and the day before it was coming out his....umm, manhood.

well, he seems to be acting fine and it'll happen for like a hour and then go away for the rest of the day. it's not a ton, just enough to notice.....just wondering if you all have ever had this happen and if i should take him to the vet.

if it helps, he did eat a whole nylabone...those little rubber ones with aunt said she thought they were digestable but i'm still worried...and he occasionally drink from the pool and it has chlorine in it....that's the only scary things he has digested that i thought might cause this....and he's 8 months old, if that helps too (i thought maybe reaching puberty or something)

thanks for any advice

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he's not blowing his coat and i haven't been giving him raw eggs…just cooked...i was afraid raw eggs might hurt him (like salmonela or something)

i'm feeding him chicken soup for the's supposed to be some great dog food but i think i'm going to change to purina because this dog food is giving him major flatulents...seriously...he can kick us out of a room

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my senji has bad dandruff…

i've tried these omega oil treats that are supposed to be good for his skin and coat and been giving him eggs for breakfast, but that doesn't seem to help....what do you all suggest

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whats up with the little chewy massage thing they do to people and other dogs?….my deoji is always like biting with his very front teeth, like chewing on my aunts dogs chest...and sometimes he does it to my arm or neck....just wondering if thats some purposeful thing they do in the wild or is my dog just wierd

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well, for anyone out there wondering about the end of the story…we are moving out.
it's not over my b though, like i had said, i think my dad's going through some kind of mid-life crisis and i feel it would be better for us to get out of the house. so now they don't have to deal with us or our pain in the dog :o

it's actually very liberating in a way to be forced to move out, cause now we can't use the excuse of "if we wait we'll be able to save more money"...

so amarillo here we come and internet there we go.....thank you for all the great advice

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