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Well our Summer Puppies have arrived 4 boys 1 girl all red and white all doing well Mum is soooooo proud!!:

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Hello Matt I feel I have to answer you I also live in the uk and I have experenced the same thing with my boy I tried everything I thought, even had him castrated, but he was still the same then another breeder suggested I get his thyroid checked at first the test came back normal but they did say the lab had said there was a more intensive test so I had that done -result low thyroid he is now on 1 tablet a day and what a difference he has gone back to be a very loving boy no more problems I noticed in dec he started bein a bit funny again retested and he just needed his dose up a little since then no problems at all just a beautiful boy

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I would love to go but unfortunatly it's just to far from Devon if there was another exibiter from the west country we could share expences but there is'nt

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Hi Les' welcome to the forum must read your blog!!

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Welcome to the forum Kirsty and Femi!!

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Congratulations Jess and Maya,loved to have been there to see

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I agree things happen for a reason she was meant for you ,enjoy her im sure if you really want to have a puppy for show what's one more ?3 basenjis are fine together

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The potential is very exciting. Unfortunately not everyone considers the bloodlines and illness/disease when deciding to breed. I feel very strongly about this issue as I own a basenji who has suffered all her life with an ulcerated throat/stomach. I only hope in future people will be more responsible.

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I absolutely agree with Ivoss in the fact that heritable diseases are indeed something to be researched before breeding. RESPONSIBLE breeding is the only way forward.

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well done poppy and steveshe is a beautiful girl

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