Hi. We’re new here

Hello everyone. My name is Kenny, and our two Basenji‘s are named Zinga & Zulu. They are tricolor. We had two Basenji’s before them which were red/white. Their names were Graham and Ginger. We love the breed. We have a YouTube channel called BarooBoos where we post videos of our pups. I just found this forum recently. I’ve mainly been involved on Facebook and Reddit, but I’m always happy to find another place to talk about Basenji’s. 🙂

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks! I’m surprised that I didn’t know about it sooner.

Welcome. My first basenji was a black and white, then 3 reds, and a tri. Lost my 17 year old female a year and a half ago, she was a red and white. Zak is 15 1/2 is red and white and semi deaf. Mr.T (aka T or TT) is my tri boy. He is 8. We would love to see some pics of pups. There are lots and lots of basenji groups on Facebook. How old are your pups?

give them hugs for all of us Basenji folks.


I posted a picture in "Show off your dog". 🙂

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Do you live in the States? There is a new Facebook group called Basenji (North America). I went to You Tube and saw your precious pups. How cute are they! 3 1/2 you are going to have lots of fun with them! Wish mine were young like that again. But mine don't get into trouble so much anymore............except for T, as he's only 8 and will still mess with you, given the chance.

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