• Hi all,
    My name is Sharon and I live in VT with my husband, daughter (almost 7), son (3) and tri-color Basenji, Nala. She will be 8 in December. The "30 second version" of the story of how we chose a Basenji is that I have had allergies and asthma and dreamed of owning one since I was a kid. When we moved to VT and got married, we went to a local dog show and talked to a breeder in our area. We put a deposit down for a puppy and about 7 months later we went and picked her up. I made some mistakes with her and she's not well socialized, especially with other dogs she meets on leash. Off leash, she's okay. She also has some separation anxiety issues, but not too bad. I think she's mellowing with age. She is an amazing dog and we absolutely love her. She has made what we call "ugly noises" on occasion, but have never growled or bared her teeth at the many, many kids we've had at our house. We recently installed an underground fence and she is in her glory at the freedom she now has. Previously the only time she was off leash was when my husband would take her on hikes. By the way, she is totally in love with my husband and looks at him as if to say, "I wish you were a dog"! I kind of equate it with Pepe LePew and the cat from those old cartoons.
    Well, that was probably more than 30 seconds…I look forward to reading all about everyone.
    Thanks for listening.

  • Hi Nala and owner - Glad you're on board here. Sounds like you went thru the preferred channels to get Nala. It's been a topic in another thread as to how to deal with Basenji's and babies - how to integrate young humans to be respected by Basenjis - how did you manage so Nala is good with them. My 1st B is 8 mos. old and my son is 8 yrs old - they get along perfectly, both tease each other!!! Though my son's not so little, I am interested in technique, as others may be. Thanks for joining the "forum".

  • Welcome Nala, Sharon and Family
    My name is Angee and I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband Lance and 2yr old Lowchen Alfie and 3 and bit mth old Basenji Bandit. We have 4 sons and 1 daughter who have already flown the nest, hence the reason for the Basenji…... We are new here too.
    I have had a few worries with Bandit and have asked this forum for assistance and have been very grateful for the support and encouragement given to me by these amazing people.
    Oh yes! Bandit and Alfie are going to an Obedience Course for 6 weeks starting on 14th October. I will take Alfie who has been allowed to gain a few bad habits and Lance will take Bandit. This should be interesting watching my husband, who at times needs some obedience himself.....LOL

  • Hi Jill and Crazy Duke
    Is that a new photo??
    Looking good!!
    I must get myself organised and post a photo of Bandit, so you can see our darling boy.

  • Thanks for the welcomes. I think it just happened naturally with Nala and how good she is with kids. Nalal was our "first born" and I have always talked with my kids about respecting dogs and share what I know about the basics with them. It seems to help them understand how a dog thinks. They are really good kids and I think it gave Nala the opportunity to be the good dog that she is! If only I could teach the mail carrier what my kids know!

  • Hi and welcome!

    When you let her out, I hope you are out also. Sadly, underground fencing is very dangerous… call the closest 10 shelters to find how many dogs they pick up with collars. They get excited, run through it, then can't come back. Also, while it might normally keep your dog in, it won't keep others OUT. But with supervision, they are GREAT so that they get freedom but you are there if a problem arises.

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