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HI Everyone,

I'm one of the Florida Coordinator's working with Brat. Several days ago, I sent an email to the person who posted the ad on craigslist about the male Basenji in NC. He was available then, so I informed them about the Brat Rescue organization and they got rather annoyed. They didn't want to have anything to do with Brat. They basically told us to back off. I truly believe they don't understand at all what Brat does.

I called the people today and found out the dog went to a home last night on a trail bases. The couple are older and have other dogs in their home. They want to make sure the Basenji gets along with their other non Basenji dogs. I didn't tell the woman I was from Brat. I will be calling her back in a couple of days to see if all went well. I feel very bad for this Basenji. I was told his original owners got him directly from Africa. ????? They paid a lot of money for him. He has been raised to live outside and they were training him to hunt. However, unsuccessful since the Basenji was afraid of gun shots. REALLY!!!!!!! Since the original owner works a lot of hours , the people who posted the ad on craigslist decided to keep him. They had him for a year , then they gave the dog to their in laws, who only returned him six months later. I feel so bad for this fellow. The way he has been bounced around and living outside all the time. Don't worry folks, I WILL be calling this woman back.

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Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I am the lady who adopted Mia last March from a gentleman named Marc. He was going back in the service and was looking for a new home for her.
Well, my gal is doing fine and I am so glad we got her. My favorite part is at night when she snuggles so close to me. She loves her mommies.

Anne, the reason I am writing is I would like to find out if Rocky has found a new home yet? I met Rocky when he was with Melissa and her children. I know he is a real nice boy. I didn't adopt him because we decided we wanted a female.
I was speaking this morning to a lady that I take Martial Arts classes with. She is very interested in getting a male R/W Basenji. She already has two Rigebacks, one male and one female. I told her about Rocky and she seems quite interested. She lives in Clearwater and has a fenced in yard. She is true dog lover.

Let me know if Rocky is still looking for a home. If so, how can she contact you.

Also Anne, I am the lady that walks Lissa's girls once a week.


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I am a very new member to this forum. We just recently adopted a puppy from this forum. I have found everyone here to be extremely helpful.
Welcome Aboard!!!

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Hi Vicki and everyone,
Mia is doing quite well. She was pretty sick last Sunday and Monday. She had very bad diarrhea and vomiting. I already had a vet appointment lined up for Monday morning. The vet said she was in excellent condition and probably picked up some bacteria before coming to me. He gave her something for her diarrhea that worked quite quickly. We felt so bad for her. All she wanted to do was rest. I need to bring her back next month for the rest of her shots. She was to sick to get them. Also she will need to be spaded next month. I am also thinking about getting her micro chipped. What do you all think about getting a dog micro chipped?
She has done quite well with crate training. When I go out she goes into the crate. She also was sleeping in the crate next to our bed at night. Every night she would whine and I would take her out. As the week progressed she started whining more and more. I am sure it was because she needed to go out as well as not wanting to be in her crate anymore. Last night I caved and let her sleep in her bed on our bed. Amazingly no whining. I believe Mia won on this battle. 🙂
She is the hit of our neighborhood. She has received some special toys from my friends in my community.
She is very precious and she puts a smile on my face every single day.

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Does a puppy have soft poop and as the puppy gets older the poop becomes more solid? It has been a while since I had a puupy so I can't remember.

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I love the pics of your little gal. I love the life jacket.

By the way, I am the woman who walks Lissa's dogs. I love her girls very much. If it wasn't for me walking her girls, I would nerver have known about this breed. I get to pick my little one up tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

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I am sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet. I can't believe how everything is working out. Marc's step mother is probably fifteen minutes away from where we live. So far everything is falling into place. 🙂

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Hi Everyone….
I spent the afternoon doggie shopping for Mia. I am so excited I could hardly focus. A friend of mine took me to all the right places. She was the leader of our pack. LOL
Personally I am not a big fan of the color pink but I know a R/W Basenji looks great in pink. Needless to say alot of the items I purcased incorporated shades of pinks. I even purchased a pink & white tee shirt that says LIttle Princess.
After our little shopping spee, I went to a restaurant and had an ice tea. I should say a Long Island Ice Tea. That is just what I needed to calm myself down.
We are so thankful to Marc for choosing us to be Mia's new mommies. I can't wait to pick her up. Saturday can't come fast enough!!!!:)

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Remember Marc…We would love to keep you updated with her progress. Just let me know where I can contact you after you leave for duty.

I am having a hard time concentrating on my work today. All I can think about is letting all my family and friends know. I am sending her pics to everyone I know.

Also Marc, thank you for serving our country. You and all the men and women are in our prayers.

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I just heard from Marc and he said …...Mia can come to live with us.
My heart is filled with joy. I can't help but cry tears of joy.

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