• Hello & welcome from a fellow Canadian.


  • hi gneigum, where abouts in Saskatchewan do you live? We have a mailing address in Saskatoon, but are currently in Pangnirtung, Nunavet!!

  • Welcome Cori. I hope you enjoy the forum. Lots of good info here. What's your B's name?
    Care to share how he/she found you?

  • Welcome Cori! Lots of great stuff here. I'm fairly new also and have gotten some great advice. I'm really looking forward some pictures!

  • Welcome to the forum.

  • welcome!!! can't wait to see pics of echo!!! as far as what you should do, let us know if you have any questions! or just share your favorite stories about your b! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh - a desert dog in Nunavet! Awesome.
    Welcome to our pack BTW - tell us more about your furbaby. And don't be shy about asking questions.

  • yes wizard, it's been a VERY interesting winter!! her first winter was spent in Tucson area!! So she didn't know what to make of the cold ground. But adapted really quick, her outings were less than a minute.!!

  • Hi,
    i'm new to the group too and just feeling my way around but have enjoyed it so far,

  • I am a very new member to this forum. We just recently adopted a puppy from this forum. I have found everyone here to be extremely helpful.
    Welcome Aboard!!!

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