• EDITED Where are my manners
    My name is Seth and I'm from Ithaca New York.
    I recently adopted my sweet girl Maggie, A 3 year old red and white Basenji. After loosing my cow looking dog on Halloween night because of a drunk driver. I am here to learn all thing about the Basenji breed.

    I had Maggie for about a month now. The first two week was ruff but she finally settling in.
    She has some behavior issue. The must concerning is the door darting. Other then that she a sweetie.

    My Other Pup, RIP.

  • Welcome to the forum. Door darting isn't an unusual problem for a Basenji, and some can keep you on your toes. I would work on improving her self control and practice having her stay away from the door while you open and close it. Rewarding for sitting and staying quietly when you approach the door would be one possible way to begin.

    She certainly does look like a real sweetie!

  • Maggie is actually really good with the sit & stay command when I open the door and wont dart. It's
    when she doesn't listen, lol.

  • Basenjis are a sighthound, meaning the hunt by sight, what they see they chase. We have a number of gates in the house to prevent darting out the door. This hunting instinct is inbred to the Basenji. Very hard to change this behavior

  • I am so sorry about your other dog.: He looks like he was a happy dog. Was it door darting that had your dog loose?

    Maggie looks fantastic and very much at home! I am sorry that your loss was the reason for getting her, but am very glad she has a new home that will love her.

    There are many methods to prevent the behavior, but you have to adjust to your situation. Here, we simply did not allow any dogs to approach the door, having a sit stay far back. Our one door rusher got locked in crate or room before we opened the door (or someone picked her up).

    There are harsher methods... such as using a hard pizza box and having someone hide outside the door and smack them if they go out. Does it work? Yeah, but then you teach them fear of the door. People who have a garage door sometimes use it for a front door that opens on a busy street, content to have fear of that door firm since they have alternate door.

    Other people set up a gate system on the inside of door so that the dog cannot get to the door... easy if it is an entry hall, not so easy otherwise.

    I personally prefer more positive training. Here is an excellent article by Karen Pryor on the whys of door dashing desires and how to train against it:


    And, as always, basic behavior training helps build relationships and confidence.

  • No, The door darting was not an issue with my other dog name Sam/Samantha. Someone left the outside gate open and she wander off to the front of the house.

    As for me adopting my baby. The previous owner just had their third baby. They couldn't give their baby (Basenji) enough attention. They knew how much I loved Sam. So they give her to me. Knowing I would love her and I DO!

  • Accidents happen. I learned the hard way (no dogs lost though), and not only padlocked my back gate, but put metal rod through the concrete so it cannot be opened.

    I am glad the owners did right by Sam. Hopefully you can figure out blocking the door until you have really safe training in place.

  • @SethS Hi & Welcome Seth! Your new girl is gorgeous!! I just love the red & whites and the brindle & whites! My first girl, Darla was red & white so that color really tugs hard at my heart. My second, Dorie was brindle & white & now, brindles tug pretty hard at my heart too but, I know I can't have the darker brindle....too much like my Dorie. I'm not saying I'd get another red/white just because of the color.....there would have to be more than the color! But your new girl is really gorgeous!! I'm sorry about your other one & I'm sure that you look to see if the gate is closed now. It's sad that we learn a lesson like that but I bet you don't have that accident again! Congrats on your new sweetheart!!

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