Hi, my names is John and I'm two dog owner.

  • Hi guys, good to be in this forum. I hope we will gonna have useful advice about our pets. So, I didn't find the right topic about nail grinders for dog, I'm confused, because very hard to cut my nails for my dogs. I'm looking a lot of information about best nails grinders for dogs. [edited]

  • Welcome to the Forum ! Let's have details of your two dogs ? Names, parents etc so I can make sure they are included in the on-line Basenji Pedigree database.

    Best grinder - go to the hardware store and buy yourself a small rechargeable dremel such as carpenters and other artisans use.

    Most of them come with a selection of grinders you just fit on to suit.

    I have used them for years - actually three over almost 40 years. The first one refused to recharge after several years and up to eight dogs at a time, the second one was far too big and I am on my third which uses the same charger and cable as my mobile phones.

    In addition, I have a couple of very ancient Resco 'guillotine' type clippers. I hate the ones the Vet always tries to use - these squeeze the nails and sort of squash them. Get a Resco. They stay sharp for years. Not sure if they are available everywhere though. Depends where you are. Mine came from the States with Marvin in 1978.

  • @johnmat - Agree with Zande, buy yourself a cordless grinder found in the hardware section.

  • @johnmat I only have to file my basenji’s dew claws. He grinds down all four while we walk which is so nice. We walk 2-3 miles a day.
    I’ve bought a handful of the more course emery boards to use. Generally I wait until he is very mellow with his head in my lap and I work on them a little bit at a time. He was hesitant at first when he was young but I was patient now he doesn’t mind. *He sometimes chews on the other end of it.

  • I have a micro-usb rechargeable grinder that works well. The tool itself is probably not as important as the bit. However, if you have a pack of dogs and are doing a ton of nails... the tool battery might become more important. The bit, the part that does the actual grinding, IMO is most important. I like the bits that are a bit (hey! I made a pun!) tapered in the middle. It helps me keep the nail centered on the tool. My breeder @Astarte turned me on to these. No offense to @Zande, but I never got comfortable with the guillotine clippers. I'd do great on 19 and then nail a quick. I still have two pair, but never use them. Last time I visited with my breeder, she brought out her grinder and I asked her to do Logan's left front. I watched. Then she passed him to me and I did the right front. Now it's super simple. Nobody screams. I'm not stressed. Super simple. Two grinds for each nail. One to shorten it. Then one to shave the tip at a 45. Done.

    EDIT: The picture below shows the bit that I like. I don't like the plastic guide on though. I pulled it off and use the tool just as it's shown in the picture below. If you have a steady hand and clear sight to the nail, it should be super easy. My wife feels differently, so she makes me do it, but... seems simple to me.


  • Hi John! My Binti will only consent to have her nails ground and only with treats (she gets one per paw.) She hated it at first but once we had the routine established, she settles right into it. The only thing I would say about using the grinder is keep pausing to feel the claw. I once had a "groomer" who was in a hurry hold the grinder to Binti's claw too long and the friction built up heat which burned her enough to make her yip. We started doing it at home after that.0_1609705288646_1Binti orchids1.jpg

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