Happy Sunday everyone. My name is Angie and my basenji's name is Rebel.

Welcome, Angie and Rebel. How old is Rebel?

And where\who did you get him from?

From Richard Hanna of Calimesa,Ca. Rebel is 27 months old. And he starting to mature so nicely. He is our first Basenji.

@angie - Hi Angie, who is his sire and dam? Have not heard of a breeder in California by that name.

@angie said in Happy Sunday everyone. My name is Angie and my basenji's name is Rebel.:

Richard Hanna of Calimesa,Ca

Busara's, Richard Hanna, USA

It is probably a good idea if you do an ofa search for what tests were run on your dog. Getting a new fanconi test is always worth it as you cannot be sure, sadly, if the breeder submitted swabs from the real animals.

We've been here before. The breeder did Fanconi nothing else on previous litter. The person with the pup from him, however, did all testing and seemingly bred her only once.


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@angie Welcome Angie! I'm still on cloud 9 with our new "B", it's so exciting, isn't it? Do you have a pic of Rebel to share? I just know I'll "oooo" and "awwww"!

Agreeing ... we'll celebrate and enjoy Rebel, nevermind the breeder. Once here, Rebel is family. 🙂

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