I'm a newbie too!

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the forum and this is all new to me!

Having just bred my first litter I'm hoping to get back on the show circuit this summer with my puppy. He's got his first show in 5 weeks and I'm really looking forward to the new challenges this is going to bring (as well as being scared stiff!).


Welcome to the pack Victoria! Post some pictures.

Ok, I will when I've figured out how to !!

Hi Victoria, welcome along:D


Hello Victoria,
welcome to the forum and good luck with your newest puppy:)

Welcome Victoria, Good luck.

Rita Jean

Hello Victoria,

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new boy. I am new to this forum to, you will find it fascinating and very time consuming!

I think we corresponded over the possibility of a puppy from your litter?

My little girl is out at Blackpool. See you there?


Hello Victoria,
welcome to the forum, i joined in February and am enjoying it so much. Haven't got a Basenji at the moment but hoping to get a pup soon,


Welcome Victoria, nice to have you onboard. I am new to b's as well, having had my Otis for all of one month tuesday this past week. He is almost 5 months and he has melted my heart completely…

Welcome Victoria, and good luck! Don't forget to share all your awesome adventures. 🙂

i cant wait to see them…get some pictures up..hahaha

Welcome to the forum Victoria - cant wait to see the new clutch of puppies out this year.


Welcome Victoria, as a fellow newbie, I can say the folks here really make you feel welcome. As you may have noticed, everyone loves pics.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Victoria. x

Hi Victoria

Welcome; I'm looking forward to seeing your boy, looks like we have a good crop of pups out this year.

Yes, it's going to be hard work this year!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum Victoria, I am looking foward to seeing this years pups, Julie and I will be at Blackpool with her new pup (and my two), hope my caravan survives!

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