Hello, I'm Kat, the new girl!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kat a and I was excited to be browsing the internet last week and find this site, it looks like a great place to meet other people that share mine and my fiances enthusiasm for Basenji's!
Our Basenji is a little girl named Eshe (pronounced Ee-sha) (it's Swahili and it means "life") She is 4 months old and our first Basenji.
It's been so entertaining reading the stories on this site and looking at the beautiful photo's. It's also been reassuring that Eesha is a completely normal Basenji!!!
I hope to become a welcomed member of this site and will be posting some pics of our little girl soon.

Hopefully talk to some of you soon,

Kat, Gavin and Eesha xx
I have started to spell her name as it's said otherwise people call her Esh!!

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting pics of your little girl, she's lovely!

Welcome to our fun and informative forum Kat, Gavin and Eesha. Post some pictures of Eesha when you can.

Welcome to the forum!!!

I like her name very much!!!

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