• Hello Everyone,

    My name is Kat a and I was excited to be browsing the internet last week and find this site, it looks like a great place to meet other people that share mine and my fiances enthusiasm for Basenji's!
    Our Basenji is a little girl named Eshe (pronounced Ee-sha) (it's Swahili and it means "life") She is 4 months old and our first Basenji.
    It's been so entertaining reading the stories on this site and looking at the beautiful photo's. It's also been reassuring that Eesha is a completely normal Basenji!!!
    I hope to become a welcomed member of this site and will be posting some pics of our little girl soon.

    Hopefully talk to some of you soon,

    Kat, Gavin and Eesha xx
    I have started to spell her name as it's said otherwise people call her Esh!!

  • Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting pics of your little girl, she's lovely!

  • Welcome to our fun and informative forum Kat, Gavin and Eesha. Post some pictures of Eesha when you can.

  • Welcome to the forum!!!

    I like her name very much!!!

  • Welcome to our pack!

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