• Hello, I am Cairo and I am in my forever home. I am 8 weeks old. I was flown in on a plane in the passenger area with my previous dad from Delaware and slept the whole time! It was too cold for me to be in the cargo section.

    I had my first series of shots yesterday and also met the shop dog at my mom's work named Lucky. He is a staffordshire terrier/ lab mix and he is really cool. His coat looks like mine! He licked me a bunch and let me bite his jowels as we played.

    Then I went to my new home! Man, this beats the snow! My big brother's name is Caesar. He is a handsome red basenji and he wasnt really sure what to think of me. I am not a scrappy hyper puppy like my mom says Caesar was. I do play a lot and Caesar was really excited to meet me. We went in the back yard and Caesar was running around in really fast circles, it scared me a lot and I hid in the bushes. I think he wanted to play, but I dont even run yet! Give me a break Caesar.

    Did I tell you that I am trained! Puppy pads are my best friend. Yesterday when I was acclimating to the living room I peed and pooped on the pad without anyone instructing me!

    Caesar is 6 years old and sleeps outside of the kennel. I sleep in the crate and last night went pretty well. Mom put me in my kennel, and I was exhausted from the days activities, so I didnt complain.

    I woke up at 11pm, 1am, and 4:50pm last night. Each time my mom came running into the room and air lifted me to a grassy spot in the back yard. I pooped and pee'd and heard a "go potty" each time that I went. Then I went back in my crate and didnt even cry. Well almost, until the 4:50am time.

    At the 4:50 time I peed and pooped and was wide awake. No going back to sleep for me! Mom, Caesar and I stayed up until 7am playing on the floor. Well, at least I was playing. Caesar started growl talking to me to tell me to stop biting him. I am a biter! And oh man, I like mom's neck and lip when I bounce in and surprise her. I trick her by sometimes licking her.

    I just wanted to say hello. I have had no issues leaving my litter, but do occasionally look for Caesar's nipples in the wrong place. He lets me know that he doesnt have milk, but I think there is some in there. I'm going to keep trying.

    Oh, I humped Caesar this morning trying to get him to play, but he just didnt even notice. Weird huh? Just me trying to play, but mom stopped me with a gigantic possum toy.

    So all is well. I wanted to introduce myself to the pack. Mom says the Tampa basenjis are excited to meet me as well, but I can't go play with them until I am 12-16weeks old, docs orders.

    Mom says I am here because Caesar was sad about something. She said he stopped playing and didnt move around much. I dont know what she is talking about because Caesar runs in the yard now and is always a bite away. He came running in with her last night each time I woke her up to potty and seems really perky.

    Today I have an agenda of playing with all of Caesar's toys. I have been chilly here and mom puts me in a sweater which I think looks alright. I was shivering, so I guess I will wear this thing until I have a bit more weight on me. See ya!

  • Very nice Welcome Home story. Glad it is going smoothly and that Caesar seems receptive and happy that Cairo is in the family. Cairo looks pooped out! I love the pics of him sleeping. He is a beautiful puppy! Good luck with all the training - you must be a pro by now. Looking forward to more pics. Glad you're home Cairo!

  • Cairo is so darn adorable, Mantis!! What wonderful pictures and story!!! Congrats on your new bundle of joy (who looks dog-gone handsome in his new sweater!)! So glad the acclimation period is going well!!

  • What a great welcome home story, and OMG he is soo adorable. Please keep those pics coming.

  • well what sweet boys you have! congrats! i am so glad it is going so well. ceasar is making the cutest face in the pic of the three of you! hello (baroo) cairo!

  • Nice little boy, Caesar seem's to have found a new play mate! 🙂

  • What a sweet baby! Congrats!

  • Welcome to the forum Cairo! You are adorable and sweet and I know you will fit right in with your loving Mommy and big brother. Keep us informed on your transition…

  • WELCOME CAIRO!!! What a cutie little boy 😃 😃 😃

  • I am so happy for you Mantis, you deserve that little bundle! Congrats and good luck! What a nice little Brindle!:)

  • I am so happy for you, Mantis, Cairo is such a good looking little boy! I am glad things are going well with the transition… Ceasar looks like he is ready to mentor the new little one. Ceasar seems to have a proud air about him in the picture of the three of you. As if to say, let me show you the ropes, kid!;)

  • Cairo sure is cute, Mantis. Caesar's got a twinkle in his eye. He's saying I've Got A New Baby Brother, And I'm Glad He's Asleep Right Now!

  • So cute!!! Congratulations 🙂

  • Ha ha, he is soooo cute and sweet natured. Caesar was a rascally one always on top of me, requiring all of my attention….

    This little guy is a kisser. So today is day 2. I have gotten used to the routine of zero sleep. The magic number of hours he sleeps 2! The time he is awake? 1 hour!

    When is he definately awake? 4:30-5am 😃 At this time, there is no way in hell he is going back into his crate.

    So each time he wakes me it is to go potty which he does really well. The 11:30-midnight wake session is not usually a struggle to get back to sleep, but last night we hit the crate torture or choir session, not sure which. We did survive, but it sure took a lot of patience.

    Caesar has taught Cairo how to dig a bed on a blanket. Incredibly adorable!

    Caesar has begun to growl talk with Cairo as well. Lots of vocal Caesar saying dont bite me. Lots of pouncing from Cairo and searching for the one great nipple! HA HA.

    So I took Cairo with the small bladder to work with me and he slept 7 hours out of my 8 and spent the other 1 hour whining and unable to move because of the cat harness I had on him. He ate 3/4 of a can of food and did the "I'm going to hold all of my poop in because the ground is wet". He was so funny, he looked like he would explode.

    With his inactivity at work today I was excited to see Caesar and Cairo really playing at home. Man, do I have a short night of sleep tonight. To see Caesar go so bonkers playing with Cairo is so completely satisfying. I am sure that adding Cairo to our fam is the best thing I could have done.

    Tomorrow I will take both to work with me and see if Caesar can burn some energy out of Cairo.

    Oh, listen guys, this is really odd. Cairo has been barking! What's that about? He barked at our Australian shepard friend, and my cat today. He has barked about 10-12 times in the last two days. Anyone ever hear their b's bark? No yodels yet, but he has the basenji cry figured out. It sounds like a grrrrrrr-woof.....or maybe a brrrrrr-woof....its crazy....

    caesar made the same sound once, when he saw an empty shopping cart being blown towards us by the wind. he was scared. cairo isnt scared, he is doing his.....I'm here! bark....

    anyone experience this?

  • Oh, listen guys, this is really odd. Cairo has been barking! What's that about? He barked at our Australian shepard friend, and my cat today. He has barked about 10-12 times in the last two days. Anyone ever hear their b's bark? No yodels yet, but he has the basenji cry figured out. It sounds like a grrrrrrr-woof…..or maybe a brrrrrr-woof....its crazy....

    Cairo is just too darn cute!! I'm so glad he's settling in so well and that Caesar and him are hitting it off so well!!!! As for the barking thing - my Mom's basenji, Tiki did that at a new shop vac in the basement - like REALLY barked at it. I've never heard Stormie make a bark, but boy can Tiki belt it out! 🙂 Mom and I looked at each other in amazement when it happened, and I don't think either of us really believed what we were hearing! lol!

  • Cairo is just SO adorable! Great name too! My B sometimes lets out a grrrr-woof when a car drives by too fast.

  • We call that "boofing"…and a couple of our dogs can really "boof"....I think it seems to run in lines...the more vocal they are overall, the more they may "boof" 😉

  • well it was definately surprising…he does it now every time he greets the shop dog, caesar, or our cat. he is pretty vocal compared to silent Caesar. He also wags his tail a lot!

    Last night he cried in his crate for 30 minutes. It was too much to take. Caesar was pacing in our bedroom as disturbed as i was. Caesar went into his other bed in our super large crate and in went Cairo.

    Cairo has been waking me up about every 3 hours to go out at night. Last night I took him out at 1:30am and into the large kennel with Caesar....slept without bathroom breaks until 6am, when I woke him up to go out!


  • SOO, i LOVE the pictures, but please, HOW did you post them??!! help please

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