• I've been owned by Basenjis for 30 years. I'm a very physically active person so we're a perfect match. Sadly last Thursday, 5/3 I had to help one of my Basenjis, Ringo, a 14-1/2 year old red/wht go over the Rainbow bridge to Basenji heaven to be with Saint Jim . I hope I'm not losing anybody on what rainbow bridge is. visit
    http://www.apubasenjis.com/RainbowBridge.html. He had a benign mass that grew and pushed against his organs/stomach. He could hardly eat and got very weak with a lot of weight loss. I couldn't see him suffer.
    My blk/wht is doing fine. I've also had a tri color that lived to be 17-1/2. She was a real trooper! They're all real troopers!

  • Welcome Dan, Sorry to hear about your Ringo having to be put down. Please put up some pictures.

  • Welcome and let me say how sorry I am about ur loss. As I sat here and read your message, my eyes filled with tears. I myself have also had to say goodbye to a wonderful furry best friend. Again welcome and I look forward to pics of all your babies.

  • Hi Dan and welcome to the forum.

    It's always hard to say goodbye, it does sound like Ringo had caring friend and surely will be missed. Sorry to hear of the loss, like the others…...post some pictures if you can.

    Special dogs special people.

  • Hello Dan! Glad to have you join our forum. So very sorry about Ringo. I believe we all understand what you are going through.

  • Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you'll be able to contribute a lot to this fun, informative place for Basenji lovers.

  • Hi Dan, Glad to meet you! I'm new too! What a great place to talk about our beautiful basenjis! 😃

    I read your story about Ringo's journey. It was very touching. I'm sure he's waiting for you at the bridge ready to get back on the trails.

  • Hello Dan and welcome to the forum…I am so very sorry about Ringo...it sound like your fur babies have a wonderful, loving parent...

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