I'm back after a year

I have finally made it back after a year. hope all is well and may you all have happiness with your B's!!:)

Hello and welcome back.

Rita Jean


Welcome back, glad you're joining us again.

I am a new and somewhat infrequent member but when I first joined, my elderly Basenji girl just started having seizures. I had moved to East of Nowhere and had no one to turn to and I am now SO LOYAL to this group and all the support and advice they gave me as a result. The good news is that Zeenie is doing well and her condition is under control: she is able to continue bossing her 3 other pack-mates as a result. I just kept searching for the right answer, very encouraged by the group I met online here. Thank you to everyone who assisted us.

XOXO, Lauma and Zeenie

PS: My brother Shaman is a new member of this forum (he just adopted Henry two weeks ago) and the boys are getting along well… Thank you for your support of them also!

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