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Is been awhile since the last meetup, we used to be a big group most rescues
Some not.

If interested I can see if the gang wants to get together again or we can just
Establish a date and I can bring my 3 and you can bring yours

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next Basenji meetup is August 7th 9am at phoenix dog park in fair oaks, ca.
hope to see you all there. need directions the web site is

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Another Basenji meetup this October 2nd at 10am at Granite Regional Park
off Power Inn drive in sacramento…...

hope to seem some of you locals there,

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there will be a Brat meet up Sunday Sept 12 at 10am at Granite Regional Dog Park in Sacramento. off Power inn rd.

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yes i agree the boys do get over it sooner than the girls ( why is that), our 2 boys had to be seperated at dinner time after japser came home. thankfully that only lasted approx 2 weeks, all 3 really do get along quite well now…. it was quite an adjustment when jasper came along as he was much younger that the other 2 at the time,,,, all is well in our household...chin up it does get better...:)

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i have 2 boys Jimmie and Jasper and 1 female. Gracie, Jimmie is 5 and the Jasper is 2. we have had issues with boys trying to establish dominance over each other, both are fixed. it seems there will be a squirmish and usually gracie get to the boys and breaks them up before i can reach Jasper to grab him as he will keep at it if i grab Jimmie then its all peace love and cuddling together on the couch until the next little erruption a couple of weeks later. I don't know why this happens, maybe its is a case of boys will be boys. it looks ferocious. but thank goodness no bloodshed. Good luck with your two!

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a few pics of the kids added to photo album… i can't figure out how to add to the post. hummmm i'll work on that. as a side not Jasper was selected as a Demo dog for the Dog expo June 11-13 at Cal Expo.

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I LOVED this book. it was a great read and Enzo is what dogs are all about. I have loaned it out so many times that it is on it"s last leg…

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Hey 3basenjis! Welcome to the Forum and I am in the Sacramento area as well with 2 b's - one of them is on the Fanconi Protocol too! If you're interested could meet up and have a playdate sometime! Other Sacramentoers (Sacramentoees?) are welcome also!

Fantastic always love having playdates with the B's!! i live in Orangevale but have traveled to many of the dog parks around the area…

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Other Sacramentans. I live in Woodland, so not too far from Sacramento.

I am active in racing and coursing my dogs and if you are interested in getting started let me know and I can let you know what events I will be attending.

i would love to get jasper into coursing… i think it would be a good fit for him.. i live in Orangevale..

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