Hi - I'm not sure I qualify for membership

Hi –

I just adopted a dog who is not a purebred basenji. I don't know her parentage, but she's very obviously basenji and ... who knows?

If that disqualifies me -- please let me know! I'll jump off.

My dog is about one year old. She's mid-sized - 25-30 lbs - and, except for the white feet and curly tail set, looks and behaves very much like basenjis (as described in various websites.)

She's sandy colored, with a white chest. Her ears are erect, and when she focuses intently, she gets wrinkles between them. She has the long, lithe body form, as well.

Her personality -- she's very non-vocal, except for a little whine or so. She WILL bark, however, if someone comes to the door, or at strangers (men, especially. I think she may have been abused or neglected.) No yodels.

However, she's very sweet and personable. She loves cheese. She is non-destructive (so far) and curls up nicely and goes to sleep.

I have a fenced in yard -- and she runs like a (happy) fool when she's out. I would never walk her off leash. She heels with difficulty... even stands up and walks on her hind legs, sometimes. I know she'd be off like a shot.

If this forum is all about purebred -- it's not the right place for Sheba and me.

But it'd be great to chat with folks who know about basenjis -- even if Sheba's not 100 percent (she's spayed, btw.)

Thanks -- Sheba's New Mommy

We have a good number of basenji mixes on here also, so you are more than welcome!!! Love to see pictures of her

Everyone is welcome! Like WBL said, several individuals who come to this site have B mixes.

We need those pictures!!! 🙂

You are more than welcome here!

Welcome to the madness that is owning and being owned by these unique creatures. You are more than welcome here.

Most definately welcome, and the best way for us to tell if she is part B is to see pics, although I am not the one to judge but we do love pics.

Welcome Sheba 🙂 🙂 i am owned by 1 basenji/satanspawn lol :p also a whippet and a cattledog/terrier and have always felt welcome with my pack on this site let me warn ya now though … This site does get additive 😉 🙂 🙂 😃 Do u have any pics of Sheba ? love love lovvvee doggie pics 🙂

Welcome! This is a fun site to learn, share and just plain have fun. Looking forward to seeing your pup!

Welcome here, I'd like to see some pics of your Basenji-mix!

Thanks for your warm welcome!

I'll ask my daughter to take some digital pics of our Sheba to post! We'll try to get some good forehead wrinkles – when she's got those terrific ears up and forward! Her tail's straight and droopy, though -- that's where the "mix" really shows!

So far -- she sometimes reminds me very much of a cat (I know far more about kitties than basenjis.) Even the way she bats a tennis ball about -- "soccer-style" -- is quite feline.

But she is NOT aloof. She's definitely a people pooch! A snuggler. I am delighted she's joined the family.

Will post pics soon, I hope --

Thanks -- Sheba's Mom

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