Hi! New member here with 2 rotten basenjis, please help my blind girl

  • Hi everyone, my name is Courtney and I'm here for some advice about my blind basenji. I have a 4 year old boy and 5 year old blind girl. I am no stranger to the breed as I grew up with one dog from a breeder and 1 BRAT basenji, so I know all about their habits. I cross posted this below in the health section because I'm seeking help for my blind girl. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

    Hello everyone,
    I have a blind 5 year old Basenji who has had significant behavior changes since she has lost her sight. After we first got her at 1 year old, she was perfectly normal. About a year later, we noticed her left eye developing a cataract with her right eye shortly following. We took her to a doggie ophthalmologist and the vet informed us that she had undersized eyes and detached retinas on top of the bilateral cataracts, all of which were inoperable. Up until 2 months ago, she was able to see lights and shadows (we think) and maneuver around the house and backyard well without any behavioral issues. Recently, she has developed crate anxiety and now constantly pees in her crate. We have her started for about 3 weeks on 10mg of doggie Prozac which seems to help with the anxiety, but she still pees. We think it is because she cannot tell between night and day when she wakes in the middle of the night. We potty her before bed, but she still pees in her crate every night. She sleeps with her co-dependent basenji companion as she always has. My parents are considering re-homing her because she keeps peeing. I am going to try a white noise machine tonight to help drown out excessive noise and hope it will help her distinguish night from day. Otherwise, any advice would be greatly appreciated. She is just too young to have all of these issues.

  • Courtney I responded under your other post. Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry about your girl.

  • How about using pee pads or diapers? Belly Band?
    Poor thing is freaked out - this is relatively new for her.
    She can probably sense your parents anger as well.
    Has the Vet checked for a UTI?

  • Hi @2baroos , the vet has checked for a UTI and she is healthy. I have tried thunder jackets with her and she tears it off with assistance from her companion. I'm afraid she will certainly remove anything we put on her, especially diapers. We're trying to discourage her from peeing in the crate at all. She used to sleep in a cardboard box that she loved and started to completely destroy it once the anxiety started, now she shreds her bedding and pees on it. I know how this must be really upsetting to her and am trying my best to take care of her.

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