• I found this site and was quite delighted. We have a just over
    2 year old Basenji mix, we think with Lab, but she is very much
    Basenji. She is MacKenzie. I will post a pic when I can, she is about
    50 lbs, does bark (must be the Lab) and whoever had the pups before
    they turned them into a shelter, they docked the tails.
    She was brought in by my daughter as it was her and her boy friends
    dog at 14 weeks to socialize with my dogs, a Siberian Husky and a
    Malamute, and she never left. She is a complete family dog. She was
    brought up with sled dogs and she thinks she is one. I have lost the
    Malamute and just lost the oldest Sibe, but she has a just under two
    female red and white Siberian companion also They are the best of friends
    and working partners. I am in Southern California and in the fall, winter
    and spring we do dog scootering. These girls run together like life partners
    and beat a lot of the sibe only teams. They both love the snow, again the
    lab in her. She is such a delight, so different from my sled dogs but so
    compatible. We hope to get in on some discussions and will share pics
    of the girls working. Their working team name is Girls beat feet.
    I almost forgot the joy in listening to both of them howl at sirens. Can't
    be beat.

  • Houston

    Welcome to you and your dogs. We'd love to see pictures.

  • Welcome loved hearing about your dogs and look forward to hearing more. There are B's that are pulling up to and over 600 pounds and just learning. Use special harness lady telling us this at show her pup was all ready pulling over 100 lbs. Little dog with large pull.

    Rita Jean

  • Hello and happy to see you here!

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to our pack!

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