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I lived in New Jersey and had to travel to Virginua to get a basenji. Best trip I ever made.

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I waited 3 years. I lived in New Jersey and got mine from a breeder in virginia. I now have three. They are pretty addicting.

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Ely looks like a beautiful pitbull. As the owner of basenjis, deckers and a pittie, while I love my senjis and decker (who just passed away), they are a bit stubborn. Pitties are much easier to train. You would be lucky if it was either breed.

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I'm sorry. I no longer have the pictures. Wish I did. If you are interested the best way to look up a decker would be milton deckers lines or fire mountain deckers. Those are the original lines. The NRTA are not the original lines. Those are strains. I noticed that people confuse deckers for basenjis, usually the tri colors. I look at my basenjis and my decker and can tell the difference right away from the tail, size and head and my decker ranges between 55-65 pounds. Be interesting if you did a DNA test. I'm curious and it's not even my dog. Lol

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Posting a picture of my guy would not show their true appearance. He is 17-18 years old. The coat gets dull, blind, deaf, just their body changes. I think I have a picture of his mom and dad, his mom had the wrinkle head. Let me get back on that.

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I have posted before and I have three basenjis and a decker rat terrier from the original lines. It is said that basenjis were used to make deckers way back when. The older deckers do have the wrinkling. They also do not bark, and when they lay down they splay their feet in the back. The only thing I can say and this is because I rescued my decker and there were many rescued from the same breeder and I have kept in touch with a couple. They are not active except when their prey drive kicks in. They are known to be aggressive because they bond very strongly to their family. My decker was aggressive, it was ALOT of training to knock that out. I definately see alot of basenji in your pup. The body, tail and stance definately reminds me of a decker but the color throws me off. I have seen standard rat terriers in that color but not deckers. Either way, the pup is beautiful and you are very lucky if it is basenji or decker or any breed for that matter Basenji and decker are both wonderful breeds.

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What does it look like. There are two missing basenjis in Virginia.

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