A Newbie's Experience - The First Year

  • Hello forum followers, While I am not a frequent poster I try to keep in touch to share my milestones as a new member of the basenji community and the experiences I have enjoyed with my first basenji.

    I purchased my first basenji puppy last winter, after researching the breed and deciding to support the basenji community and a responsible breeder. The breeder I chose has over 30 years in the breed, health tests all breeding stock, supports the local, national and global basenji community, and is well respected among her peers in the dog world. I wanted to highlight a few of the added perks that come from making your purchase from a responsible breeder. When I was first inquiring about a puppy, I was looking for a pet, a best friend and hadn't even thought about competing.

    I was average person looking for the average dog. What I got was an Exceptional dog that has made me an Exceptional person!

    Since my dog is AKC registered, he is eligible to compete in AKC events or be registered with different registries which open up the option to complete in many different types of events. After I had completed my traditional puppy training classes, I enjoyed the feeling I got from working with my dog, we were a team. I decided to go to conformation handling classes and learn how to train and show in conformation. I started with conformation because most other performance events require the dog to be 1 year of age or the training for them is best done after the dog has fully grown into themselves. It is also a good way to teach your dog to focus on you in a competitive environment and perform, which will make it easier to work with them on different events in the future. You also meet members of the basenji and dog community which make going to the different types of event even more fun! I am now a member of the Willamette Valley Basenji Club and have applied for membership with the Basenji Club of America. Now that my dog is 1, I look forward to expanding our horizons in the coming year(s)

    My dog has an Exceptional temperament, and truly is an ambassador for the breed in my community. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the #2 reason to buy from a reputable breeder, a close second only to health and health testing. I live an active life and try to include my dog whenever possible. We go to outdoor markets, hikes in the wilderness, camping, fishing, boating and crabbing, parades, parks, friends houses and he enjoys going to work with me on occasion. He is loved by all wherever we go.

    By purchasing my dog from a breeder that has dedicated more of her life to the breed than years I have on this earth means I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, by calling or emailing her and she is happy to discuss any and everything about my dog. The more I share with her about my dog, the more she knows about the results of the breeding she did. By hearing about her experiences, I know what to expect and encounter in adjusting to life with a basenji, haha. As a fist time basenji owner I find a good relationship with your breeder absolutely crucial to harmony and happiness in living with a basenji! 🙂

    My posting today was not intended on becoming an educational one. Recently there has been a lot of new puppy talk and responsible breeder education taking place on the forum due to the time of year being 'puppy season' and I wanted to share my testimonial on the importance and benefits from supporting the responsible breeders in the basenji community. It gives you and your dog more of an opportunity to succeed as companions. Had I decided to go the PM or BYB route, I would have missed out on many things I now couldn't live without but didn't even know I wanted when I decided to buy a dog.

    For more on my experience with my first basenji, you can read my additional posts here: http://www.basenjiforums.com/search.php?searchid=170517

  • Very well written, and right on the money! I think health, temperament & the luxury of being able to call the breeder anytime day or night for expert advice, consolation on a loss, or a pat on the back for a win, and total support in any and all endeavors do make having that best friend even more enjoyable. Any dog can be a good dog, but a good breeder behind him makes him a GREAT dog!!!!

  • Houston

    Wonderful way to share your experiences and thoughts on a first year with basenji in your life..
    I second the thoughs written by Andrew….health, temperament and having a breeder available 24/7 is key....

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