• Hi, Everyone:

    I lost my little boy Max (beautiful red and white basenji) who would have been 16 on Xmas Eve this year. After going through chemo and winning the battle against lymphoma, his kidneys suddenly started failing, and I had to make the decision to let him go. This holiday season has been sad for me, but I was happy to have run across this forum. I'm hoping to find another basenji (or two) to bring home in the new year and will enjoy hearing about all of your's until then…....

    Caren in California

  • I'm sorry for your loss. 😞

    But on a happier note…welcome to the forum! And Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Hi Caren and welcome to the forum!!!
    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss…it sounds like you and Max fought the good fight...I know you'll find another basenji to fill a piece of your heart.
    I hope our silly stories and photos help you during this tough time. Welcome.

  • Welcome. Sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like Max lived a great 16 years! I just got Joey in October. He is now 14 months and our first "dog". We just love him and his antics. Today he stuck his head in a shopping mall bag, through the handle, and had a bit of a time getting free. I think they help our health by providing us with hearty laugh out loud moments! You'll find yourself doing so on this forum! I'm so glad to have found it since I am so green…dog and basenji!!! Hope you have fun too.

  • Welcome to our "Basenji Home". I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you are able to welcome another basenji into your life soon. Please check out BRAT and try to rescue one. They have purebreeds and mixes. There is one little fella I would love to have… his name is Frankie (because he has blue eyes) and he is a black and white (my fave - just don't tell my little brindle girl that). Again, welcome aboard and enjoy the forum!

  • Thank you all for the warm welcomes. I'm really enjoying the forum and hearing about your babies (and seeing all the great photos)–and hearing about the unrequited love story of Arti and Willy 🙂 and all the good information. I wish I had had something like this 16 years ago when I had gotten Max as a puppy and had never heard of nor seen a basenji in my life! It was a very steep learning curve for me back then as you can imagine. Fortunately, Max and my german shepherd rescue and I were all a good match and made a great family for many years. I have applications in with BRAT, the Colorado rescue group, and the Southern CA rescue group. But my situation is that I live alone with no pets now and work all day, so I am thinking two basenjis already bonded might be the best match. It would also need to be dogs that don't have to be crated when alone since I am at work all day (I have a dog door to a large, fenced backyard--and this worked out great for my two dogs for many, many years when I was at work). So I'm going to be very patient for a good match.

    Thanks for helping the New Year start out on a happy note.

    Caren in California

  • Welcome to the forum ! I am so sorry for your loss…Max runs to blue meadows...over rainbow bridge...
    Good luck to you.Kisses from Arti:)

  • Welcome to the forum, Caren. I had to make that same decision nearly 4 years ago when my Shi Tzu Bandit had a stroke at age 16. He was my youngest child. He was a good dog and brought me much happiness. I can't look at pictures of him even now without crying! I got Abbey exactly a year after Bandit. I had to, because I found myself stopping by the dog park on the way from work to watch other people and their dogs, and knew I had to have a new baby too. Hope you find a new baby soon. Lenora

  • Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry for your loss, Caren. It sounds like Max had a wonderful life that was full of love. I'm sure when the time is right that the perfect b or b's are going to find you.

  • @Arti:

    Welcome to the forum ! I am so sorry for your loss…Max runs to blue meadows...over rainbow bridge...
    Good luck to you.Kisses from Arti:)

    Thank you. And big kisses back to Arti. I think Arti has singlehandedly (or should I say singlepawedly??) made black and white the "in" color of the year in basenji fashion! 🙂 Such a beauty!

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