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    It will be 2 years in July since my first actual dog Simba(others were family pets) died at 12yrs, he was a silver toy poodle and my faithful shadow. He has left a big gap. Hoping to get a Basenji this year if the planned litter of Senjabi Basenjis goes ahead and there is a puppy available for my family if we pass muster that is. Have been reading and learning from this forum, can't understand why anyone would buy from a breeder who does not do health testing , unless they just don't know, so thankful for the internet, knowledge at your fingertips. Sadly in New Zealand this breed is very unknown and know only one breeder who has a website and another that mainly breeds White Highland Terriers and does not breed Basenjis but did have a litter last year. Have asked regarding Health(Fanconi etc) of the dogs that will be the litter parents, best to dot all my i's and cross my t's. My dog Simba had a seizure at around 4 years and all tests showed a liver shunt but thankfully he never had anymore seizures till the last day of his life when they were continuous and was raced to the vet and PTS. Not a very nice end, so definitely a healthy pup for me. I think the breeding season is in June/July here so I have to be patient and enjoy photos on this forum. Keep up the good work informing puppy buyers what a good breeder looks like. Will be watching and learning.

    Jolanda currently owned by two cornish rex cats.

  • Hi Jolanda, and welcome!

    Sorry to hear about Simba's passing, but I CAN tell you that once you have a basenji in your life you will never have a dull moment - lots of joy, fun, training and sleeping with a warm buddy right up next to you - that is, if you will let the basenji in your bed at night. Lots of us do. 🙂 Then there is the puppy proofing the house and especially making sure that things on your counters are about 18 inches back. 😉

    I'm glad to hear that all the harping everyone does on here about getting a pup from a breeder who does the correct health testing and whom is reputable has passed off to you. Hopefully the breeders near you do all the necessary and correct testing or will at least start NOW before you consider a puppy from her. How did it happen that the breeder of the westies wound up having a litter of basenjis? Can you find out where those pups are now and how they are doing? I would think a reputable breeder would be more than happy to share this information.

    Again, great having you here. Read and research lots and lots. July will be right around the corner. But be prepared for the week before you bring your basenji home to be a torturous one!

  • Good for you for realizing the importance of breed specific health testing. Nothing feels better than knowing you have a puppy that was given he best possible chances for a successful life. I hope you find a good breeder that's not too too far but it may be necessary and hopefully ou are open to that. Good luck in your search and keep us posted!

  • Have asked my breeder if she knows of any other Basenji breeders in New Zealand so she may know about the Westie breeder and I may get some info from her, I think the bitch that had the litter was a Senjabi breed dog so looks hopeful.

  • Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll get great pleasure and fun from your prospective puppy.

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

  • Hi Jolanda
    I forgot I was registered for Basenji Forums until I got your email. I will reply to it privately, but I can tell the others on here that health testing has been done on the parents of my planned litter this year. Both have had hips done, been Fanconi tested and had eyes tested. The stud has also had thyroid done. I hope to get thyroid done on the bitch before breeding season.

    Senjabi Basenjis

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