• Hi all I just wanted to say Hello and hope to get some info on this breed of dogs and make some friends.

    My dog is not a pure bred Basenji she is a Basenji/Shitszu Mix. The litter was an oopps! Mom is the Shitszu and dad is the Basenji. They are both pure breds and have been bred by a breder for some time. One day dad got in the house and got at mom and they had a litter of pups that was NOT planned. The breder was no longer going to have mom have pups. So this is defiantely her last litter.

    Anyways, I am just learning about these types of dogs and also the Shitszu also and would welcome and help and info anyone can give.

    She does bark though… obviously the Shitszu in her. And she whines alot. But is otherwise a wonderful pup! She is 12 1/2 wks old and weights 7 1/2lbs she was the 1st one born of the litter and is the 1st of 2 runts. The 2nd runt didn't make it past a few days. The breeder and the Vet believes she will not exceed a max of 12lbs. She is black & white and such a lover, she loves kissing and cuddles and is good w/ my kids but is slightly scared of them too, I think its because they are a bit loud and fast but I am sure she will eventually get used to that as this is only her 3rd day w/ us.


  • Your baby is very cute! Let's see, a Basentzu or a Shihsenji…
    Shih Tzus I have known have been loves, but tend to be airheads, and Basenjis are frequently smarter than we are, so who knows what you'll get!
    Welcome to the Forum!

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