• Hi, everyone! Although I've had Basenjis for over 20 years, I never knew about this forum. What a great find! I came across it as I was searching the Internet for a new Basenji. We've had 4 over the years. We got our first, Memphis, as a puppy in 1992. He was a red and white and he lived to 14. We got Annie, a red and white, in 1996. She was 5 when we got her and she lived to age 15. Trey, a black and white, come into our lives in 1997. He was found as a stray. Assuming he was about 1 year old when we got him, he lived to 15. We got Esau, a red and white, in 2008. He will be 5 tomorrow. We also had a black lab mix, Sadie, who we adopted from the shelter in 2008. Sadie passed away from cancer last week and now Esau is all alone. We hope to find an adult female Basenji to join our home!

  • Welcome!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Sadie… but I hope you find a B companion for Esau. I bet that will make him a happy boy.

  • Glad you found us!

    Contact Florida Basenji rescue, they do DNA Fanconi testing and have adults: http://www.campbasenji.org/ or write flbasenji@earthlink.net

    BRAT http://www.basenjirescue.org/

    And also, please consider adults from breeders who need their own families.

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