• Hello everyone, just to introduce myself. My husband and I live in Western Australia and my name is Dawn. My Husband and I own 2 Basenjis who are from the same litter. They are brother and sister and sooo different in nature. Although they are 2 yrs old we have only had them for 1 month. They were with the Breeder before they joined us. Our boy is so very mischievous, curious and into everything. Our girl is very quiet until he plays a little to rough or he tries to take something of hers then she puts him in his place. Of course, in our opinion, they are wonderful. (even though a few items have been wrecked).

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome Dawn! Lol at a "few items" being wrecked! That was an understatement at our house filled with stuffies and plastic children's toys!

  • Welcome to the forum! A few items wrecked….does that include toilet paper???

  • Welcome! look forward to reading about your adventures.

  • Welcome Dawn!! You'll find lots of good information and advice here. Congratulations on your new additions!

  • Welcome to the forum, Dawn - and congratulations on your little B's. You should probably get used to things being wrecked - that's one of the things they like doing best and soon you will be an expert at "basenji-proofing" your house if you want anything kept in good condition. LOL

  • Welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures?

  • Hi everyone, thank you for your welcome. So far we have worked out not to leave anything on the floor that is not theirs. eg I had repeat had a beautiful door stop, black with sequins and shiny baubles. I did turn it around but after mending it a couple of times I have given up and moved it higher. Yesterday we took them to our daughters farm and they loved it . Our boy, Cougar, ran and ran. He investigated everything. They both were afraid of the big dogs lol (horses) which is good but the 4 sheep looked more their size although they still didn't go right up to them. The trouble is the sheep are hand raised and so are friendly. They both had a fantastic time.

    I have attached one photo but having trouble with a second. The basenji on the left is our girl, Teketa, and on the right is our boy, Cougar. I was trying to add a second photo of them in their day bed to show how close they are. One lying on top of the other. Cougar on top and of course Teketa

    They are such a pleasure to have.

    Oh I think I have done it

  • They are some good looking dogs!! It it weird how they want to sleep together hey? Always snuggling up and laying on each other.

  • Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to the forum. Yes, Basenjis always want to sleep with someone, either each other or a person will do. And they are the worst for wanting to lean on you! At least, mine always have been. 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum - I love the pictures. I see you are getting well used to Basenji traits!

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