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That's absolutely adorable!

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I think black B's are just simply exquisite. You have a lovely dog. 🙂

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That's sort of what I was thinking. The Centennial Trail is absolutely lovely to walk on–for both humans and creatures of all sorts =).

I've been thinking along the lines of an older dog as well (not just in a Basenji, but for any dog that I do decide to get) my only concern is that I've dealt with rescues and puppies several times in my life...and honestly, puppies are almost easier to train then rescue dogs. Simply because puppies are more social and generally better around people--which good around people is a necessity for any dog I get. Rescues tend to be much more skittish.

That said, some one mentioned to me the prospect of looking at a dog that needs to be re-homed. That is certainly a possibility.

To MarleyJo--you mentioned that you're familiar with the area--in looking up possible breeders and everything basenji and dog relate-- (as a journalism person I'm a bit of a research nut--which in this case I feel is good) I didn't come up with anything dealing with Basenji's in Spokane--everything I've come across has been in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Which, isn't necessarily a bad drive, it's just sometimes difficult to do. I was curious if you knew of anyone in a closer proximity to the Spokane area?

Thank you to everyone as well!

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Thanks for your response!

I did know that they had a tendency to shed–just not as much. I've learned it's impossible to get an almost completely unsheddable dog.

Next to the transportation issue, the sight hunting is something I am also concerned about. I've dealt with hunting dogs before--but they've always been more scent oriented dogs. I think my one last concern is the fact that it would be a single dog (with only the company of my housemate's rats...which will be kept FAR out of reach of any dog regardless of the breed). Is that okay--for the puppy to not have another dog? It will have plenty of human interaction but I'm worried that outside of obedience classes and trips to the dogs parks it will have little socialization with other dogs. It doesn't sound like that's a problem with Basenji's but I've simply never had just one dog before and I'm worried that if for some reason it gets lonely there could be problems.

Thanks again tanza for answering my previous questions!

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Hell to everyone–

I'm new to the site and to Basenjis as well. However, I am in the process of trying to find the perfect basenji to be my new companion! From everything I've read of the breed they sound like wonderfully fascinating creatures. In terms of a little information about myself I am a journalism major at Gonzaga University which is in Eastern Washington State. I have always had dogs in my life--they're very important to me, it wasn't until I came to university that I was without a canine companion. Now, though that I have the ability to get a dog again, I am doing everything in my power to make that happen.

Basenji's currently are on number one on my list, although I have never owned one, I have been doing a copious amount of research and reading up on the breed--and even their not so wonderful qualities sound slightly...endearing to me. Since I am new to the breed I did have a few questions that I posted in a the "New Puppy Section" along with a brief replica of the above introduction. If anyone could help me out I would be thrilled!

I look forward to getting to know some of you!

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Hello to everyone–

I'm new to this site, and actually to Basenji's in general. I'm currently a college student in Eastern Washington--and now that I can finally get off campus, the next important thing in my life is finding the right dog.

I've grown up my entire life with dogs. From a ****er spaniel, an Irish Setter/German Shepard mix, and two feisty German Short haired Pointers--dogs are something that have always been around.

I was turned onto Basenji's a few years ago when I saw someone walking their's in a neighborhood close to my campus. I immediately fell in love and have been determined to find one of my own someday. Also, I'm living with 4 other people in my house who, while fine with me having a dog have certain stipulations. Namely they want something relatively small and a dog that doesn't shed. I feel like Basenji's meet that.

My question is though--how well would a Basenji do living with five university students? I've dealt with high maintenance dogs before (note my GSP's) so certain traits that I've heard are common with Basenjis don't really worry me--I've done it before. Also--my worry is that in looking up breeders, the only ones are on the western side of the state. I'm afraid that if I where to settle on a Basenji now--that the 5.5 hour drive back might be a bit much. Is there anyone who has had to deal with transportation like this? Also--would it be better to try and find a basenji that is already a year or two old, rather than getting a puppy?

I really enjoy high energy dogs as well as dogs that can be affectionate--from everything I've read about Basenjis they sound like wonderful dogs. However, I would love any advice from other--more seasoned Basenji owners.

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