• Hell to everyone–

    I'm new to the site and to Basenjis as well. However, I am in the process of trying to find the perfect basenji to be my new companion! From everything I've read of the breed they sound like wonderfully fascinating creatures. In terms of a little information about myself I am a journalism major at Gonzaga University which is in Eastern Washington State. I have always had dogs in my life--they're very important to me, it wasn't until I came to university that I was without a canine companion. Now, though that I have the ability to get a dog again, I am doing everything in my power to make that happen.

    Basenji's currently are on number one on my list, although I have never owned one, I have been doing a copious amount of research and reading up on the breed--and even their not so wonderful qualities sound slightly...endearing to me. Since I am new to the breed I did have a few questions that I posted in a the "New Puppy Section" along with a brief replica of the above introduction. If anyone could help me out I would be thrilled!

    I look forward to getting to know some of you!

  • Welcome to the forum….

    One thing first off... Basenjis DO shed... so if that is a deal breaker, you need to know that... while usually not as much as some other breeds and usually only once a year... the are NOT shedless... (is that a word)....

    Also when in a multi household.. people that are living there need to understand with a Basenji it is important that they learn to pick up after themselves.. or it will be gone.. especially underwear... or anything with a crotch.. they might have the rest of the article of clothing.. but the crotch will be gone... And add to that since Basenjis are a sighthound.. open doors are a no-no... or going out the door before checking "where is the Basenji".... they are quick like a fox to beat you to the open door... If they want to protect their "stuff" they need to pick up, put away.... or keep doors shut

    So if all are on board with these kinds of things.. a Basenji would have a ball with all those people

    As far as a 5.5 hr drive.. that is not a problem.. you would need to stop and potty the pup on the way.. but I have driven pups further then that... or fly with them... from California to Ohio... and at 10wks of age...

  • Hi Tueurose and welcome. We grew up just a few blocks north of campus. We travel to Spokane frequently to visit family and all of our Basenjis have loved our morning walks on the trails along the river just off campus. I know there are Basenji people in your area so keep an eye out for the dog shows.
    Also, I think an older dog might be the answer. There are some great dogs out there in need of good homes. One of our forum members is involved with the rescues in the northwest and might be a good resource. She helped us with our last adoption and it could not have worked out any better.
    Sounds like you are asking the right questions so good luck withe your search.

  • That's sort of what I was thinking. The Centennial Trail is absolutely lovely to walk on–for both humans and creatures of all sorts =).

    I've been thinking along the lines of an older dog as well (not just in a Basenji, but for any dog that I do decide to get) my only concern is that I've dealt with rescues and puppies several times in my life...and honestly, puppies are almost easier to train then rescue dogs. Simply because puppies are more social and generally better around people--which good around people is a necessity for any dog I get. Rescues tend to be much more skittish.

    That said, some one mentioned to me the prospect of looking at a dog that needs to be re-homed. That is certainly a possibility.

    To MarleyJo--you mentioned that you're familiar with the area--in looking up possible breeders and everything basenji and dog relate-- (as a journalism person I'm a bit of a research nut--which in this case I feel is good) I didn't come up with anything dealing with Basenji's in Spokane--everything I've come across has been in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Which, isn't necessarily a bad drive, it's just sometimes difficult to do. I was curious if you knew of anyone in a closer proximity to the Spokane area?

    Thank you to everyone as well!

  • We recently adopted a dog from BRAT. I think we documented our story on this forum. We got a great dog that didnt need training at all. The Basenji rescue here in this state does a great job at rehoming dogs and we have already done an evaluation on a dog being put up for adoption that was so pleasant it was tough for us not to take him ourselves.
    Our first Basenji came from a breeder in Idaho a long time ago. I doubt that she is still breeding Basenjis. Check out dog shows, obedience instructors and magazines like Dog World and such that list breeders. Most importantly keep in touch with this forum. Learn all you can, read every story and pay attention to the recommendations because it sounds like there are some top notch breeders and rescue workers here.

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Looks like you're doing your homework. All the best in your pursuit.


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