• After a two year span of not having a dog or dogs, I have done much research to find a certain type of breed that matches what I am looking for and the Basenji fits it perfectly! I will pick up our new little boy in latter January. I am glad I have found this site with such good questions and answers, I can just read all day long (until the puppy gets here!). I look forward to being a part of the Basenji community!

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. I didn't see this post until now. Things have been a little quiet lately. Feel free to ask questions and I am sure someone will show up to answer them!

  • Welcome. Yes, something is very wrong with the forum.. this didn't pop up for me until now either.

    Where are you getting your pup from? Any pictures yet?

  • I had to place a email into the administrator for my post to show. I really like this site, I hope it works better.

    To answer your question: I'm getting my puppy from Mata Hauri Basenji in about three weeks. I have been able to watch the puppies grow on facebook. They post videos every week for us to see.

  • Many of her dogs are related to my C-Me and Franie in the pedigree, I have been watching them grow also

  • Congrats on the new addition…such a fun and challenging time, I miss it- puppy season kills me 🙂

  • Also many facebook-pages dedicated to basenji's.

  • Thanks for the replies to my "Hello". I was wondering if I had walked into a ghost town…...seems there is a problem with the site at times.

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